Air Date February 5, 1993
Written by Dava Savel
Director Bruce Bilson

Mr. Myman sees an opportunity.

Adult Baby in Fran's nightmare.

Baby Sinclair becomes an overnight sensation hawking frying pans in a commercial. Both he and Fran get caught up in the glamour of show business - riding in limos, going on talk shows and generally developing "bad" attitudes while neglecting the rest of the family. Earl confronts Fran, who realizes her mistakes, retreats from the "business" and returns the Sinclair home back to normal.


Baby Sinclair hits Earl on the head with a frying pan again and it breaks. This is the sixth pan to break, so Fran calls the Myman Pan Company. Owner Mr. Myman, after some consideration, creates a new sturdy pan; Baby Sinclair tries it without breaking, and exclaims, "This pan is pretty good!" Mr. Myman is impressed with the line, and the possibilities of Baby Sinclair as commercial spokesman for Myman Pans, with Earl as "the thing" he hits with the pan.

The ad campaign becomes a hit. Monica DeVertebrae warns Fran about the dangers of being too caught up in show business. After polls show that viewers don't notice anything but the baby, Earl is fired (to his relief), but Fran refuses to give up the glamour nor the money, justifying it for the sake of Baby's future education. After an argument with Earl, she has a nightmare in which an adult Baby is now a has-been appearing on a talk show. Baby says that after interest in the frying pans faded, his life went downhill and was without boundaries, until he was arrested for a failed holdup. Recently released from serving "a nickel in the slammer," he then promotes his new book he wrote while imprisoned, I Blame You, Mommy!

Fearing the worst, Fran decides to pull Baby Sinclair out of the campaign. Earl is surprised to see Fran at home cooking breakfast again. Mr. Myman visits Fran to persuade her to change her mind, but Fran refuses. Myman then says to Baby that Fran is trying to ruin his career and that his family is not needed. However, Baby hits Myman with a pan and then Earl does the same.

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  • Taped on October 12, 1992.
  • One of the scripts offered to the Baby involves him accidentally being left Home Alone while his family goes on vacation.

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