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Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 22, 1985
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director Terry Maskell


When her favorite sports idol Rock Hockey Hannah comes to visit, Red Fraggle ends up injuring herself during Rock Hockey practice and ends up being replaced. Red ends up escaping from her sickbed to play Rock Hockey in front of Rock Hockey Hannah even if it involves posing as one of her fellow team members.

Meanwhile, Sprocket hurts his nose upon slipping on ice when trying to say hi to a Bassett Hound. Doc also slips on the ice when saying hi to Ms. Ardath and hurts his right ankle.

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  • In a Muppet Central interview, Karen Prell revealed that the week this episode was shot, an episode featuring Wembley was scheduled for production instead, but Steve Whitmire had broken a bone in his hand. Jerry Juhl asked Prell if she had any ideas for a storyline; hence this episode.[1]

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