Sesame Street
Plot Telly does something original
Air date January 25, 1994
Season Season 25 (1993-1994)
Sponsors H, N, 12
Syndication 123 Sesame Street


Picture Segment Description
3182-cold open
COLD OPEN Kingston Livingston III teases that today, Telly will do something original, and explains what the word means.
SCENE 1 Telly tries a hop, but Kingston and the kids agree that hopping isn't original. They give him demonstrates of original moves and Telly comes up with his original idea - a dance where he waves his arms and chants "Boom-shaka-laka-laka."
Cartoon A pencil tries to write the word DANCE.
(EKA: Episode 1966)
Film Children dance to different rhythms from around the world.
(First: Episode 2499)
Muppets "I Love You (More or Less)"
(First: Episode 2990)
Cartoon More and more moths appear, and devour a man's clothes.
Artist: Bob Kurtz
(EKA: Episode 2406)
SCENE 2 Telly does his dance down past the Fix-It Shop, where Maria tells him they much more to show today, like the number of the day, and Telly's dance will seem repetitive in comparison. Telly incorporates counting to 12 in his dance, cueing a fanfare and confetti.
Animation Rubber Stamp #12
(First: Episode 2932)
Muppets "Honk Around the Clock"
(First: Episode 1631)
Animation Twelve kids are counted.
(First: Episode 2998)
Film "In the middle of the city we have a garden...."
(First: Episode 2889)
Cartoon A baby and father illustrate up and down.
(First: Episode 2687)
Muppets Ernie and Bert sing "But I Like You."
(EKA: Episode 1952)
Animation A piece of paper floats down onto a table, then folds itself into a paper crane, which flies away.
(First: Episode 2892)

SCENE 3 Luis reads two kids the story of "The Kingdom of the Same Old Dance," by an unknown author. In the kingdom, the citizens only know one dance, until a stranger (Telly) comes to town, doing a "Boom-shaka-laka-laka" dance. He teaches them his dance and they all rejoice that they now have a new dance. As Luis wonders who wrote the story, Telly comes down the street, doing his dance. "Wonder no more," Luis remarks.
Cartoon A vaudeville act of two SAME people ends when one of them falls off the stage.
(EKA: Episode 0840)
Muppets Grover's Health Minute: Kermit the Frog and Grover talk about teeth. Grover notices that Kermit does not have any teeth at all, so he puts a pair of teeth in Kermit's mouth. Grover says to see a "tooth checker," to eat crunchy things like bananas and to clean teeth with a "tooth comb."
(EKA: Episode 1949)
Animation Planet H / h
(First: Episode 2851)
Film Alphaquest: H
Heading over the hills in a helicopter to a hippo's house.
(First: Episode 2741)
Cartoon The Typewriter: H-hand
(EKA: Episode 0836)
Song "Drink of Water"
(First: Episode 2545)
Cartoon A snake has a knot in his middle, and he can't find his end. The detective helps the snake find his end ... playing drums in a band.
(First: Episode 2600)
SCENE 4 Kingston finds Maria in the park, where she's eating some jalapeños. Kingston wants to try one, but Maria warns him they're very spicy. He counters, saying trying new foods is important. She hands him one, but advises him to take a small bite. He gobbles the whole thing and is sent into a spice-induced frenzy, until he lets loose a bunch of steam. He surprisingly enjoyed it and asks for another.
Animation Dancing pepper pattern - which one comes next?
(First: Episode 3079)

Muppets Guy Smiley hosts "The Eating Game", in which plates get to meet foods and take them to dinner. The contestant foods are a fish, an ear of corn, and a glass of milk.
(EKA: Episode 2375)
Cartoon N is for nose.
(EKA: Episode 1929)
Film The floating kids form a letter N.
(First: Episode 3109)
Cartoon N / n paper fold
(First: Episode 3114)

SCENE 5 Monty brings Big Bird into the Fix-It Shop to demonstrate the correct way to answer the telephone. When the phone rings, Monty answers with "watermelons and cheese" and "Elephants run wild in France." Maria takes the phone away from saying, saying that's now how to answer the phone. It rings and she answers, "Hello?," which Monty states is the correct way. The caller turns out to be his mother, who answers with the same phrases as Monty.
Cartoon A hand draws a telephone booth.
(First: Episode 0791)
Muppets Little Jerry and the Monotones sing "Telephone Rock."
(First: Episode 0733)
Cartoon A girl imagines being next to a tree, a house and a car. "Now I'm going over there," she says. "There's nothing here to be next to!"
(EKA: Episode 0810)
Film A boy in Jamaica goes to school and attends drum class.
(First: Episode 3145)
Cartoon 5 Purple Konkers
(EKA: Episode 0812)
SCENE 6 Kingston has a question for Maria - can she wave her arms and shake like he can? She says she can't and Kingston thanks her, then leaves. Once the coast is clear, Maria tries it and hurts herself, then resumes work.
Cartoon The Hummingbird
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 2142)
Celebrity Robin Williams demonstrates with his shoe how to tell if something is alive.
(First: Episode 2749)
Cartoon African quilt pattern #2
(First: Episode 3134)
Film A variety of cat-shaped objects walk in front of the screen.
(EKA: Episode 1845)
Cartoon Mi kat iz ... gone
(EKA: Episode 2059)

SCENE 7 Kingston now wants to ask Luis a question. Maria tells Luis the answer is "No," assuming it's his same one as before, but Kingston has a new question - can Luis make the same scrunchy face as him? Luis can't, nor can he do Kingston's original dance. Maria announces the sponsors, when Telly passes by, doing his dance. "Now that we can do," they declare and follow Telly, doing his dance. Then Kingston announces "Sesame Street is a production of the Children's Television Workshop"

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