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Fraggle Rock
Air Date April 29, 1985
Written by Jocelyn Stevenson
Director George Bloomfield

Gobo finds his friends bored stiff.

Pa Gorg tries to rid "Kissing Rock" of Fraggles by spraying the Rock with Boredom Juice. Horrified when Wembley Fraggle, Red Fraggle, and Mokey Fraggle end up affected, Gobo teams up with Junior Gorg to stop the threat.

Meanwhile, Doc and Sprocket plan to make a trap for any creatures in the hole in his wall after being visited by Mr. Wiley the Health Inspector.


  • Junior Gorg is bad at pretending, but he claims to be able to pretend to be good at it.
  • When Ma and Pa Gorg are doing the "mushy stuff" (as Junior calls it), listen closely: Pa says, "It's a presence to be in your pleasure."
  • This episode illustrates the Gorg's interaction extremely well. Ma desires something, browbeats Pa into doing it. Pa delegates it down to Junior. When things go badly Ma blames Pa for messing up, when she was the one who started it all in the first place.
  • Red declares that Fraggles are never bored and Mokey adds that they couldn't be bored even if they tried. Red also says that if a postcard from Uncle Traveling Matt doesn't bore them, nothing will. As it turns out both were wrong and were rendered bored stiff after smelling the Boredom Juice Pa sprayed into kissing rock.
  • Also, in the episode "Mokey´s Funeral," Red says that she was bored while waiting for Mokey. Later in that episode all four friends claim Mokey´s poems to be boring. So they should have known better.
  • This is one of the few times where Boober's cautious nature is justified. He makes up an excuse to leave and ends up the only one of the Fraggle Five to not become bored stiff at one point or another.


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