Bear in the Big Blue House
320 title
Premiere September 6, 1999
Written by Andy Yerkes
Director Richard A. Fernandes
Theme Interactive

Doc Hogg is remodeling his office, so he asks Bear to hold some of his stuff at the Big Blue House for a while, including his computer. This machine, called the Hogulak 2000, is set up with a couple of great programs --- one featuring pictures of animals and also a daily puzzle. He also gives Bear permission to use it, so he shows Tutter and Ojo how it works. They learn that computers are interactive and that interactivity isn't something that can just be done with computers --- just doing something as simple as talking with someone is interacting. At first, they're reluctant to use the computer, but are soon having fun with it. As it turns out --- Pip and Pop already know about interactivity --- Pip shows Bear how much fun it is for him to interact with Pop, as opposed to something like a rock. Bear takes a crack at solving the daily puzzle, with the help of Treelo.




  • At one point, Bear is looking for dirt, water and seeds to help solve a puzzle. He says "You know, these things would be a lot easier to find if we had a couple of guides to help us" and then Pip and Pop show up. Oddly, when he says this, closed-captioning reads "You know, these things would be a lot easier to find if we had a little blue dog to help us." This may have been intended as a reference to Blue's Clues, a series featuring a blue dog named Blue who left three paw-printed shaped clues to solve puzzles similar to the one Bear was attempting to solve. Bear's performer Noel MacNeal, as well as Peter Linz, are both puppeteers on the Blue's Clues spin-off program Blue's Room.
  • An additional series of questions during the "Interactive Shadow Dog" story were animated but ultimately cut from the final episode.
  • Computers are a somewhat rare example of high technology in Woodland Valley. There is also a movie theater, although there are no known TVs.
  • Back in the "When I'm Older" song in "Mouse Party," Tutter expresses an ambition to someday use a computer. However in this episode, like Ojo, he has no idea what a computer is until Bear tells him.
  • Doc Hogg's computer appears to only have two programs. Although no mention of it is made in the episode, it's probably quite likely that Doc Hogg has additional information and programs on that computer related to his medical practice. If so, they are likely simply stored under another username or partition that Doc Hogg has temporarily disabled.

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