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Air Date May 2, 1993
Written by Peter Ocko and Adam Barr
Director Jeff McCracken

The host of UFO!

Robbie tries to get his family to attend an environmental rally with him, but everyone declines. Robbie is especially upset with Earl, who prefers to watch his favorite TV reality show about alien sightings. At work, Richfield, in an effort to fool the environmentalists who named WESAYSO a top corporate polluter, orders Roy and Earl to take home barrels of toxic waste and bury them in the Sinclair's backyard. While digging, Earl and Roy are visited by an "alien" (Robbie) who tells Earl that what he is doing is wrong. The "alien" also tells him that he has been chosen to spread the word to other dinosaurs that they must respect and care for the environment or else the planet will be vaporized. Earl immediately changes his ways and sets out to rally the masses to help clean up the environment. He even badmouths WESAYSO and quits his job to devote all of his energies to his new mission. Earl soon finds out that the "alien" is Robbie and goes back to work at WESAYSO. Robbie tries to point out to Earl that what he has done is of real value, but Earl will have none of it and returns to his job and watching TV.

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  • Taped on December 4, 1992

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