Bear in the Big Blue House
321 the yard sale
Premiere September 6, 1999
Written by Joey Mazzarino
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Charity

Doc Hogg stops by the Big Blue House to collect for charity. He's collecting for muskrat relief following recent flooding that left many of them homeless. Bear is completely out of money, so Doc Hogg agrees to come back later. Bear and Ojo then find Tutter struggling to cram an excess of stuff into his mousehole, giving Ojo the idea for a yard sale. The idea takes off and Pip and Pop are assigned to be sales-otters. Treelo finds some things of his own to sell and Ojo helps out by painting pictures. Tutter, however, finds it difficult at first to part with some of his things. Shadow sings Bear a twist on the traditional nursery rhyme "To market, to market" featuring a preposterous and an emu while noting that as a Shadow she doesn't have any place to store money.




  • Otto and Etta Otter pose in the style of the famous American Gothic for Ojo's painting.
  • Doc Hogg states in this episode that he is the great imperial boar of the Woodland Valley chapter of the "Swiners." This is a reference the Shriners, an order of free masons known for their charitable works. The Imperial Potentate is the highest ranking Shriner in the world.



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