Bear in the Big Blue House
322 the best thanksgiving ever
Premiere November 20, 1999
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving at the Big Blue House, and Bear is preparing his annual feast. There are all sorts of delicious food, and Grandma Flutter and Doc Hogg are coming over to join the celebration.

Everyone is very thankful for Bear's great feast, but Ojo wonders if there isn't more she can do to help. She becomes a sort of Thanksgiving commander and takes charge of the decorations and the Thanksgiving pageant. Ojo wants everything to be perfect, but soon finds things going outside her control. When it seems like all is ruined, Bear provides some reassuring thoughts on what the holiday is really all about.

In the Shadow segment, Shadow tells the story of the very first Thanksgiving.


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Book adaptation

The special was adapted as The Best Thanksgiving Ever!, a storybook published in 2000.

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Bear Best Thanksgiving Ever

Bear Best Thanksgiving Ever

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