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The Muppet Show
Guest Lynn Redgrave
Production Jan 30 - Feb 1, 1979
Premiere UK: March 9, 1979
NYC: May 24, 1979
Releases Season 3


Kermit stars in the Muppet production of Robin Hood, with Lynn as Maid Marian and Fozzie as Little John. In the story, Maid Marian is kidnapped by the henchmen of the Sheriff of Nottingham (Gonzo) while Little John teaches the Merry Men the proper way to cavort. Backstage, Miss Piggy is upset that she doesn't have a part in the play, and all Kermit can offer her is Sister Tuck. Floyd tells Scooter that he is on strike this week as he doesn't agree with the green costumes.

Onstage, the Sheriff says he'll torture Marian for the location of Robin's hideout. But he demonstrates all his torture equipment on himself. Just as she escapes from the Sheriff, she's kidnapped again by Piggy's guards and is locked in her dressing room. Piggy takes Lynn's place as Marian, pretending that Lynn has stage fright, but Kermit doesn't buy it and goes to rescue Lynn from the dressing room.

Songs & Sketches

  • Alan a-Dale (Scooter) sings and cavorts in the woods
  • Little John (Fozzie) teaches The Merry Men (including Scooter, the Swedish Chef and Lew Zealand) to cavort properly
  • "Hey Down"
  • The Sheriff of Nottingham (Gonzo) tortures himself rather than Maid Marian.
  • Robin Hood and Black Bart, The Sheriff of Nottingham's man, have an archery contest; Alan a-Dale reports in song.
  • "I Still Love You"
  • Muppet News Flash: "Town Crier"
  • Robin Hood and the Merry Men go to rescue Maid Marian but find Miss Piggy in her place.
  • Robin Hood and the Merry Men rescue the real Maid Marian from the dressing room.
  • "Hey Down" (reprise)


Picture Description
Cold Open: Scooter tells Lynn Redgrave that the rehearsals went great... except for one thing: the archery contest.

"The Muppet Show Theme": Archery rehearsal continues as an arrow just misses Beauregard (who insists that the shot was good).

When Gonzo sounds his trumpet, he is interrupted by a fanfare.
Scooter (as Alan a Dale) sings a rather terrible rhyme to introduce the show. After Fozzie calls him out on this, they all cavort.
Scooter returns backstage to ask Floyd how the show's going. Floyd explains that he doesn't like all this "Robin Hood jazz." He prefers things "more hip and less green."
Onstage, Fozzie (as Little John) realizes that all of the Merry Men are cavorting wrong, and tries to teach them how to cavort properly as Robin Hood will arrive any minute. Robin Hood finally does arrive, as does Maid Marian; and they all sing "Hey Down." But, before the song has finished, the Sheriff of Nottingham's men capture Maid Marian.
Backstage, Miss Piggy demands for a starring role in the production. Kermit finds the perfect part, though it requires a little re-writing: Sister Tuck.

Sweetums brings Marian in before the Sheriff of Notingham, who threatens her with torture, first suggesting the thumbscrews. Maid Marian has no experience in using the thumbscrews, and so the Sheriff demonstrates for her.
Watching the torture scene from backstage, Kermit is certain that Gonzo's trying to get himself killed. Floyd tells him that he won't, though, because Gonzo never succeeds at anything.
The torture scene continues. The Sheriff is tied to the rack, and has Marian stretch his limbs until she will talk. Worn out, Marian escapes to her dressing room.
The archery scene is up next, and Fozzie struggles with the scenery... but Gonzo gives him a hand.

For the archery contest, Alan a Dale asks Louis Kazagger for his take on the proceedings. Kazagger suggests that Black Bart, the opening archer, is certain to lose. However, the sheriff has bribed and corrupted a youth (Beauregard) who has agreed to move all of Black Bart's arrows to the bull's-eye. It doesn't matter, though, for Robin Hood's arrow splits Black Bart's in two.
UK Spot: Sam the Eagle talks with William Shakespeare... or at least a William Shakespeare.

Robin Hood and Maid Marian sing "I Still Love You," but just before they are about to kiss, they are interrupted by Sister Tuck and Maid Marian is once again captured by the Sheriff's men.

Backstage, Kermit asks Miss Piggy what she's done with Lynn Redgrave. She informs him that Lynn is in her dressing room. Kermit is about to get her for the next scene, but Piggy insists that she do it.

Fozzie shares a quick joke about the Town Crier with Scooter.
Muppet News Flash: The Town Crier calls out: "Five o'clock and all's well! Except that Maid Marian has been kidnapped, the Sheriff's up to no good, that dog is stealing the cheese, Kermit's mad at Piggy, and it's really only 4:30." He is then hit with a falling pot.
323 guards.jpg



Two pigs guard Maid Marian, but come under attack by Robin Hood and his quarter staff (which is a cheap weapon; the guard's cost fifty cents).

When the Merry Men finally find Maid Marian, they discover that she is actually Miss Piggy! Piggy tells Kermit that Lynn Redgrave's dressing room door became "sort of stuck," and so the Merry Men are off to rescue Lynn from her dressing room, leaving the faux Maid Marian to deal with the advances of the Sheriff of Nottingham.
Lynn Redgrave's dressing room is guarded by pigs with far more expensive weapons (a dollar ninety-five), but Robin Hood quickly incapacitates them.
Kermit and the gang rescue Maid Marian, and they all join in for a reprise of "Hey Down" for the closing number.
Lynn Redgrave tells Kermit that this has been a most unique theatrical experience. Kermit chooses to take this as a compliment.



Kermit the Frog, Scooter, Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy, Whatnots, Lew Zealand, The Swedish Chef, Gonzo, Floyd Pepper, Statler and Waldorf, Beauregard, Louis Kazagger, Sweetums, The Newsman, Pigs, Black Bart, Sam the Eagle, William Shakespeare

Background Muppets:

Beaker, Ronald Duck, Muppy, Brown Dog, Babies, Old Skyball Paint


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, the Newsman, The Swedish Chef and Waldorf
Frank Oz as Fozzie Bear, Miss Piggy and Sam the Eagle
Jerry Nelson as Floyd Pepper, Lew Zealand, Louis Kazagger, a Pig and some of the Merry Men
Richard Hunt as Scooter, Statler, Beaker, William Shakespeare, Sweetums, a Pig and some of the Merry Men
Dave Goelz as Gonzo, Beauregard, Pigs and some of the Merry Men
Louise Gold as others
Steve Whitmire as a Pig and some of the Merry Men
Kathryn Mullen as others


  • A clip of the opening of this episode is shown in Muppets Most Wanted when Constantine learns to perfect his Kermit impression.
  • One of the townsfolk in the archery contest scene bares a striking resemblance to Boober Fraggle.
  • The merry man who shoots the arrow into Redgrave's dressing room is played in that scene by Jerry Nelson, but in the first forest scene by Steve Whitmire.


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