Bear in the Big Blue House
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Premiere September 27, 1999
Written by Mitchell Kriegman and Andy Yerkes
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Sleep

Ojo is sleeping over at the Big Blue House. Bear helps her get ready to go to bed, tucks her in and aids her in "surfing off to dreamland." Ojo falls fast asleep. Bear thinks of getting some sleep himself when he hears a knocking at the back-door. It turns out that Jeremiah Tortoise and Doc Hogg have arrived for an exciting card game of Go Fish. Jeremiah brought the cards --- special cards that actually contain pictures of fish --- but Bear hasn't even put out any snacks. He has totally forgotten that their game was scheduled for tonight, and now all the noise threatens to wake up both Tutter and Ojo. Sure enough, Tutter shows up, saying that he needs a drink of water. Bear tries to attend to Tutter's needs, while keeping his attention on the card game as well.




  • Bear, Doc Hogg and Jeremiah Tortoise play Go Fish using cards featuring actual pictures of fish. Although the faces of the cards are never seen, the following fish are requested throughout the game --- trout, shark, salmon, seahorses and mud guppies. Additionally, Tutter suggests that Bear "go for the mackerel."
  • Bear hums the song "Wipeout" after suggesting to Ojo that she surf off to Dreamland.
  • A short instrumental reprise of "Go to Bed, Sleepy Head" from the episode "The Big Sleep" can be heard towards the beginning of the episode. Also, while Tutter gets his fill of water, an instrumental version of the song "Water, Water, Water" from "Water, Water Everywhere" is heard.
  • They accidentally put in the season 2 take of "The Goodbye Song" in this season 3 episode.

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