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Muppet Babies
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Air Date November 27, 2021
Written by Sarah Eisenberg, Ghia Godfree, Becky Wangberg (pt. 1 story), Robyn Brown (pt. 1 teleplay)
Ghia Godfree (pt. 2)
Director Tom Warburton (pt. 1)
Jeremy Jensen (pt. 2)

It's a Wonderful Elf-bot

Bunsen and Beaker build an Elf-bot that can build Christmas presents from art supplies. When the babies get carried away asking it to make things for themselves, they're not left with any supplies left to make something for Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf. Deciding that if they can't have a present, they don't want one either, the babies return their items to the Elf-bot which converts them back into art supplies. Back at square one, the babies make a holiday wreath for Mr. Statler and Mr. Waldorf who take a group holiday picture on a tablet.

  • "Deck the Halls" performed by Beaker
  • "Elf-Bot Song" performed by the Muppet Babies

A Merry Litter Christmas

Having never learned the etiquette of throwing your trash in the garbage instead of on the ground, Bunsen ignores Miss Nanny's warnings about littering and builds the Christmas milk-o-matic, a machine that makes candy cane flavored milk. When they discover that Gonzo identifies the milk as shrimp flavored, Bunsen and Beaker make several modifications to the machine, throwing out piles and piles of milk boxes in the process. To clean up the lab, they launch the cartons into the sky which fall on the babies in the backyard. When they run out of candy canes, Gonzo suggests traveling to Planet Gonzo where his Uncle Norman is a candy cane farmer. Arriving at the planet in the Starship Piggy, the babies discover Planet Gonzo is littered with milk cartons launched into space by Bunsen. Feeling guilty about what he's done, Bunsen modifies Uncle Norman's candy cane farming car to drive in space where he cleans up all the milk boxes.



Part 1

Part 2

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