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Muppet Babies
The Muppet Babies Show.jpg
Air Date February 18, 2022
Written by Sarah Eisenberg, Ghia Godfree & Becky Wangberg
Director Jeremy Jensen (pt. 1)
Guy Moore (pt. 2)

The Muppet Babies are enjoying their last day in the play room before summer break. Baby Bunsen and Baby Beaker are discussing their new summer recycling program, Baby Gonzo is telling Baby Fozzie about the new stunts he has planned for the 4th of July, Baby Piggy is working on new costumes for a beach party, and Baby Animal is going to take swim lessons.

When Miss Nanny announces that summer can be a big change from the rest of the year, Baby Kermit becomes concerned. Miss Nanny explains that new things can be a cause for celebration, so she's invited all of their friends over. In her absence, the babies decide they should do something special for their friends by putting on a show where everyone can show off what they do best. Fozzie can tell jokes, Summer Penguin can do magic tricks, Gonzo can do stunts, Baby Rowlf suggests he and Piggy sing together, Animal is joined by Beaker and Chef to sing "The Wheels on the Bus," and Baby Scooter says he'll run the show with his clipboard.

Transported to The Muppet Theatre, their friends arrive and begin taking their seats including Sweetums, Sam, Skeeter, Rozzie, Jill, Baby Robin, Rizzo, Uncle Norman, and Statler and Waldorf. To kick things off, the entire cast (see #Arches) perform a rendition of "The Muppet Show Theme" sung as "The Muppet Babies Show."


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Beaker 2.0Patch and the Bad EggsMiss NannyMr. MannyGonzonianRozzieBaby SweetumsBaby JillDot the DragonMuffonianMega Super Ultra Robo Space DinosaurPhineas T. CupBaby AnimalBaby GonzoPotatoBaby PiggyBaby KermitBaby FozzieSummer PenguinCamillaBeepPriscillaUncle NormanBunsen 2.0DinosaurBaby ChefBaby SamBaby RobinBaby RowlfBaby RizzoBaby BunsenBaby BeakerChadMeatball MonsterVinny LinguineCarlosBaby ScooterSkeeterThe NewsmanWalterWandaBlerphBeaker BalloonThe Muppet Babies Show.jpg
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