Sesame Street
Oscar bugs Maria; Slimey flies a plane
(repeat of 3067)
Air date January 26, 1995
Season Season 26 (1994-1995)
Sponsors Q, S, 12


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Oscar the Grouch announces today's sponsors, while his pet goat, Lassie, chews on Maria's sleeve, eventually ripping it off. The goat becomes more ravenous and chases after Maria, while Oscar introduces the theme.

SCENE 1 Maria's shirt is all chewed up, thanks to the goat. Maria's fairy godmother overhears her laments about going home to change, and offers to give her better clothes. First, she magically puts Maria in a ballgown, then in a nurse's uniform. When neither of those satisfy Maria, the fairy godmother realizes that Maria should wear work clothes, and puts Maria back in her original chewed-up outfit. Maria: "I should have gone to the ball."
Film Joe Raposo sings "Dressed Up."
(First: Episode 0302)
Cartoon A boy gets lost in a mall, and a security guard shows him how to use a map.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2874)
Film A girl points out each relative who appears in a picture, and magically enters the picture at the end.
(First: Episode 3134)
Animation A group of round crayons draws a house, and is hesitant to let a square yellow crayon join, until it draws the sun. They all cooperate to make a rainbow.
(First: Episode 3105)
SCENE 2 When Grundgetta keeps saying "no" to Oscar, Oscar aks her if that's all she can say. She answers with a song, "I'm Just a Grouch Who Loves to Say No". After the song, Oscar tells her that he also likes to say no.
1095r Cartoon "Have you seen my NO?"
(First: Episode 0773)
Song "Off to School"
(First: Episode 2944)
Animation Fans unveil Q and q.
(First: Episode 2895)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie asks Bert to play a game where they take turns counting and then saying "Q." Ernie goes first with "1 Q," and Bert follows with "2 Q." The game continues until Bert gets to "10 Q." "You're welcome, Bert!" Ernie says.
(First: Episode 0440)
Cartoon Fish swim to form Q and q.
(First: Episode 3105)
Film Kids dance around at gymnastics to "Rockin' Robin."
(First: Episode 3147)
Cartoon Letters appear over a sky-view of a neighborhood
(First: Episode 3267)
Animation Portraits of kids display the alphabet.
Artist: Lisa Crafts
(First: Episode 3203)
Film Looking for circles in the city (Maria voice-over)
(First: Episode 2711)
SCENE 3 A voiceover announces "Monty's Flying Circles." Monty holds circles in the air and claims that they are "flying circles." Prairie Dawn tells him to put them down so he can see whether they can fly by themselves. When he sees that they can't, he fetches his rectangles, and the same voiceover announces "Monty's Running Rectangles."
Cartoon The Four Squares sing "It's Hip To Be a Square."
Artists: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
(First: Episode 2615)
Animation Rubber Stamp #12
(First: Episode 2932)

Muppets Sesame Street Movie Classics presents: "High 12"
In a parody of High Noon, Clementine doesn't want Forgetful Jones to meet Sinister Sam, the meanest man in the west, at the traintracks at noon, especially since it's their wedding day. But both Forgetful Jones and Buster (in song, referencing "Do Not Forsake Me" from High Noon) convince her that "a man's got to do what a man's got to do". Sinister Sam shows up and, in a threatening manner, informs Forgetful Jones that he's got something to say to him ... "I think it was mighty nice of you to remember to meet my train!" They all hit the saloon for lemonade, leaving Clementine dejected.
(EKA: Episode 2614)
Animation Clown Honking #12
(First: Episode 3210)
Film Various close-ups of a person are shown, as kids describe the parts, before it's revealed that this person is a clown.
(EKA: Episode 0956)
Celebrity Maya Angelou leads Big Bird and some kids in a ring game, "Little Sally Walker."
(First: Episode 3171)
Cartoon "Felines"
(First: Episode 3278)
Muppets Cookie Monster sings "Healthy Food."
(First: Episode 2404)
Cartoon A close-up of a face makes the S sound, before it's revealed that the creature is a snake.
(First: Episode 0278)
Film Kids hold an S and a square
(First: Episode 3278)
Cartoon The Typewriter: S-spring
(First: Episode 0772)
Muppets "Once Is Not Enough"
(First: Episode 2921)
Cartoon Aliens vacation on Earth for an afternoon, but they litter.
(EKA: Episode 3141)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster finishes drinking milk, and doesn't know what to do with the cartons at first, but gets the idea to "recycle" them and play with them like a train.
(First: Episode 2726)
Film A Navajo boy who lives in the dessert talks about how his family has to pump water from the ground.
(EKA: Episode 2646)
Cartoon A white boy hangs out with his Latino friend
(EKA: Episode 2257)

SCENE 4 Maria is about to eat lunch at a table in the arbor area, but Oscar tells him that she can't eat there, because Slimey has started his own worm airline, and one of the planes is about to land on that table. Tired of ducking when the worm planes fly by, she moves her food to the Fix-It Shop front table, which happens to be Slimey's next stop, O'Worm Airport.
Animation Airplanes carve the letter Q.
(First: Episode 3179)
Animation In reversed film, Q and q candles are unmelted.
(First: Episode 3079)
Muppets Grover observes a butterfly
(First: Episode 1967)
Song "Sharing Swing with Kids Song (Share in Your Fun with Another Someone)"
(EKA: Episode 0926)

Film Wanda Falbo (Word Fairy) and Barkley present a word which represents large, shaggy animals who like to chase sticks (or wands).
(EKA: Episode 2621)
Animation The word "dog" appears on-screen, followed by a shot of a dog
(First: Episode 3082)
Film Kids talk about how many things they can do now that they're five years old.
(First: Episode 1403)
Sesame Rorschach animation
Animation Rorschach ink blob association with a funky jazz soundtrack.
(EKA: Episode 1150)
Song "Dancin' Shoes"
(First: Episode 2949)
Cartoon Christopher Clumsy demonstrates the things feet can do.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(EKA: Episode 0822)

SCENE 5 Slimey flies his plane, showing the sponsors on flags. "He's a regular Chuck Yeager," says Oscar.

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