Sesame Street
A rainy day at the library
(repeat of 3090)
Air date February 24, 1995
Season Season 26 (1994-1995)
Written by David Korr
Directed by Jon Stone
Sponsors C, P, 7


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Elmo, Rosita, and The Count are expecting it to rain today. They explain to Savion why they're looking forward to it: because The Count is going to count the raindrops. He's tried to in the past, but hasn't gone higher than 6,349. He thinks he'll count higher today, because he's having Rosita hold an umbrella over him, and Elmo will fan him. Plus, he'll be able to use both of his hands instead of just one. It starts raining slowly, and The Count starts counting.
SCENE 1 The Count reaches 19,788 raindrops, and loses count. He feels like he never wants to count again, but his friends try to talk him out of his misery by pointing out that he's counted more raindrops than anyone has ever counted before. The Count feels better about counting again, and Savion welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street.
Cartoon A mother sings the story of how water travels down the drain and becomes rain.
(First: Episode 2865)

Muppets Big Bird's Video Postcards
Big Bird finds himself in Phoenix, Arizona, where he hangs out with Diego and his family. He learns that cacti can survive the hot, dry weather, and is treated to birdseed burritos at a picnic with the family later on.
(First: Episode 3016)
Animation Kids talk about families, often mentioning having rhinoceroses as pets.
(First: Episode 2759)
Film What sound does a rooster make?
(First: Episode 3278)
Cartoon The Typewriter: C-cat
(First: Episode 0779)
Celebrity "C is for Cookie" with Marilyn Horne.
(First: Episode 3189)
Cartoon A fan reveals the letter C.
(First: Episode 2746)

SCENE 2 Elmo, Savion and some kids wait outside for the library to open. Savion observes Linda and Lisa getting ready to open the library by turning on the lights, tidying up, and turning on the computer. Linda reminds Lisa that it's a rainy day, so they also set up a coat rack and an umbrella basket.
The sign is switched from "closed" to "open", and the crowd enters the library. Elmo will be ready to read books as soon as he finishes watching Lisa mop up his muddy footprints.
Cartoon Jerry Nelson sings "In My Book."
(First: Episode 2983)
Film A zydeco band plays "Allons a Lafayette" while people dance.
(First: Episode 2498)
Animation Native American bead designs display some wild animals, which have Indian names.
(First: Episode 2972)
Muppets Little Chrissy and the Alphabeats sing "Cluck Around the Clock."
(First: Episode 2817)
Song Sesame Street Creature Feature: The Iguana
(First: Episode 2938)
Animation P for Pyramid
(First: Episode 2061)
Film Alphaquest: P
A pack of painted purple penguins practicing a pop song in a pine tree park, and a pink pig with a parachute.
(First: Episode 2711)
Cartoon P for Pack
(First: Episode 0504)

SCENE 3 The Count tells Lisa that he intends to count all the books in the library, but Lisa points out that the computer can keep track of the library's amount of books. The Count decides instead to count the pages in every book, but Lisa points out that the pages in each book are numbered. He then wants to count the words in each book, but he can't do that while people are reading. Linda brings him to a special section with books about numbers and counting, and he feels much better.
Song "Counting Alarm Clock"
(First: Episode 3090)
Cartoon A cat desperately tries to open a can of cat food by himself while his mistress is on the phone.
Animation by Dan Haskett
(First: Episode 2151)
Muppets Ernie watches the Twiddlebugs, who are about to head for Hooper's Store in the rain, but they notice that they need something to keep themselves dry. Tessie remembers that an umbrella helps, so they take one.
(First: Episode 1342)
Cartoon A boy thinks it's raining outside, so he puts on his rain gear and goes outside, only to find sunny weather. It turns out the lawn sprinkler was near his window.
(First: Episode 1627)
Film Looking for shapes in a metal junkyard (Maria voiceover)
(First: Episode 2702)
Muppets Zoe talks about being proud.
(First: Episode 3226)
Cartoon Jerry Nelson sings "Moonshine."
(First: Episode 2775)
Film Wegman's dogs are really sound sleepers - neither an alarm, nor a jackhammer nor an elephant will wake them up.
(First: Episode 3010)
Cartoon The Ringmaster introduces seven swimming seals. (new sound effects added)
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1312)
Muppets Elmo and Seven Goldfish sing.
(First: Episode 2734)
Cartoon Seven Starfish
Artist: Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1473)
Song "I'm Pretty" (re-filmed version)
(First: Episode 2490)
Animation Arnold uses his imagination.
Artist: Craig Bartlett
(First: Episode 2754)
Animation Amelia likes to pretend she can fly.
(First: Episode 2902)

SCENE 4 Elmo looks at some animals in a picture book, but he can't recognize the word for a "long blue thing with lots of little legs". Savion points out that it's a caterpillar, and that every animal on those two pages begins with the letter C. On the next page, there are pictures of corn, a carrot, and a cucumber. They look elsewhere for C's on books, and observe some on the cover of another book, Casper Catches a Cold, which Savion then reads to Elmo.
Animation Sand C/c
(First: Episode 0625)
Muppets "African Alphabet Song"
(First: Episode 2360)
Cartoon "Mi casa es su casa."
(First: Episode 0794)

Cast Luis reads Maria and the kids a musical story about two people in Mexico, who happen to be named Maria and Luis too, who love to have visitors and encourage them to visit Casa de Maria or Casa de Luis. Since they both enjoy to have people over, they turn their two casas into one for them all to enjoy.
(First: Episode 2978)
Cartoon A report on homes around the world.
(First: Episode 1711)
SCENE 5 Elmo and Savion come back from the library. Elmo feels exhausted after carrying the big book of C words, so Savion lets him rest awhile. The Count announces the sponsors, and the credits roll.

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