Sesame Street
Plot Oscar and Telly have to share a magic lamp
repeat of 3259
Air date January 17, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Written by Sonia Manzano
Sponsors G, L, 8


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Telly and Oscar come across a magic lamp at Finders Keepers, but while playing tug-of-war with it, they accidentally rub it, and out poofs a genie (Cheech Marin)! He has a happy reunion with his old friend Ruthie, and they do their familiar "Shout!" inspired dance.

SCENE 1 Telly and Oscar both rubbed the magic lamp, which means they have to share their three wishes. By accident, they each wish their personalities were switched around, and the Genie grants their wish. Ruthie tells him to reverse the wish, and he does so. He reports to Telly and Oscar that they now have one wish left, which they'll have to share, or else the Genie will have to return to his lamp, which he hates being inside. Oscar, being a Grouch, refuses to share his wish with Telly; this makes the Genie sad, then angry. Oscar leaves for his can, and Ruthie tells the Genie to get his guitar - she has a plan.
Song "Sharing Swing with Kids Song (Share in Your Fun with Another Someone)"
(EKA: Episode 0926)

Muppets Big Bird's Video Postcards
In Arizona, Big Bird sees how kids help charros put on a rodeo, and rides a horse.
(First: Episode 3049)
Cartoon A cartoon shows a few Spanish words - which are also English words.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 3011)
Animation Portraits of kids display the alphabet.
Artist: Lisa Crafts
(First: Episode 3203)
Muppets Grover, on a surfboard, demonstrates near and far.
(First: Episode 2859)
Cartoon A girl notices some footprints near and far to her. They belong to a giant purple bird.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 3134)
SCENE 2 Ruthie, Telly and the Genie gather outside of Oscar's trash can and knock on it. Oscar comes out and the Genie poofs himself into an Elvis costume and sings an Elvis-style song persuading Oscar to share his wish with Telly. Oscar says he will share the wish, but not now.
Cartoon Anansi the Spider tells a story of how he helped the monkey and the baboon reach a compromise.
(First: Episode 3361)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentCookie Monster asks Lexine if she knows any words that begin with L.
(First: Episode 3259)
Cartoon A salesman (voice of Martin P. Robinson) hawks the letter L in a commercial.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3306)
Muppets / Celebrity Samuel Ramey performs "L is for Low."
(First: Episode 3337)
Cartoon A girl explains why she likes the poet Grubby Groo.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3225)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk: "Make Waves"
Part 1
(First: Episode 2949)

SCENE 3 Oscar is now ready to share the last wish but he can't think of anything that he and Telly both like enough to share because he is still a Grouch and Telly is still a nice sweet Monster, so he doesn't know what to wish for. Suddenly, Ruthie has an idea: a "Get Lost" party for the Genie. Telly likes parties and Oscar likes telling people to get lost, so this is a wish they can share! They agree to do so and in a puff of smoke, everyone on Sesame Street joins the Get Lost party and starts dancing while the Genie sings a reprise of "Yell!"
Cartoon A seal and a bear fight over a circus ball, but learn to cooperate.(applause added)
Artist: Frank Gresham
(First: Episode 3282)
Muppets / Cast Carlo sings a story-song about a prince who only says "No me gusta."
(First: Episode 3326)
Cartoon A Spanish-speaking man falls into a hole, and a dragon helps him out.
Artist: Chris Hinton
(EKA: Episode 2290)
Song Sesame Street Creature Feature: Joe Raposo sings "The Goat."
(EKA: Episode 2366)
Animation Planet G / g
(First: Episode 2844)
Animation Computer G / g
(First: Episode 3112)
Film G for go, girls, guitar, goldfish etc.
(First: Episode 3269)
Cartoon An elephant, a zebra, a hedgehog, an ostrich, a frog and a ladybug create a rhythm with their footsteps.
Artist: Karen Aqua
(First: Episode 2794)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk: "Make Waves"
Part 2
(First: Episode 2949)
Muppets Prairie Dawn hosts a Sesame Street Pageant about things that are heavy and light. Monty displays a boulder, and Merry displays a feather.
(First: Episode 3311)
Cartoon The detective sees a hippo bouncing on a trampoline, and wonders how the hippo can bounce, since hippos are heavy, but the hippo thinks that he is light. (new sound effects added)
(EKA: Episode 2573)
Muppets Ernie and Bert sing "La, La, La."
(EKA: Episode 0321)
Animation L / l (space paint)
(First: Episode 3216)
Film A girl's grandmother teaches Spanish to her parrot Kuka.
(First: Episode 3101)
Cartoon Bud the Bird flies above and below in a bumper car.
Artist: Lisa Crafts
(First: Episode 2901)
Muppets Elmo and Zoe demonstrate above and below with a cloud.
(First: Episode 3367)
Song "Hot in the City"
(First: Episode 2751)
Animation Match the word HOT. (new music added)
(EKA: Episode 2396)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk: "Make Waves"
Part 3
(First: Episode 2949)
Muppets Benny Rabbit gets angry when people (and monsters) admire him, so he tells them firmly, "Don't Touch Me!"
(First: Episode 3383)
Film A Japanese family makes music.
(First: Episode 3153)
8 balls of fur
Muppets Little Chrissy sings "Eight Balls of Fur."
(First: Episode 2669)
Cartoon Clown Honking #8
(First: Episode 3224)
Film Wegman's dogs form the numbers 1-8.
(First: Episode 3293)
Cartoon A flea sets up camp on a dog.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(EKA: Episode 1058)
Muppets The Count sings "The Woodchuck Song" and counts the amount of wood a woodchuck can chuck.
(First: Episode 3348)
Animation A poem about oranges.
(First: Episode 2881)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk: "Make Waves"
Part 4
(First: Episode 2949)

SCENE 4 Everyone cleans up after the Genie's Get Lost party. They bid him goodbye, while Oscar tells him to get lost. The Genie leaves without his lamp, which he never wants to see again. Oscar and Telly argue over whether their wish was a nice one, while Ruthie announces the sponsors.
COMING SOON Coming soon on Sesame Street: Celina shows her dance class how to do "Doin' the Grouch."

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