Sesame Street
Slimey's New Trick
(repeat of 3181)
Air date February 12, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Written by Judy Freudberg
Sponsors W, Y, 18


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Telly introduces the sponsors for today while walking with Gordon. Oscar points out that today, Slimey will perform a new trick - he'll dive into the swimming pool in the trash can all the way from the playground. Gordon is skeptical and leads Telly to the playground so they can see how this will work, while Oscar bugs Grundgetta over their walkie-talkies.

SCENE 1 At the playground, Slimey gets into position. Grundgetta explains how the trick will work - Slimey sits on one end of the see-saw and when Jenna see-saws down, Slimey will be flung in the air toward the trash can. After the countdown, Gordon pushes Jenna down on the see-saw and Slimey goes flying...onto Telly's head. Grundgetta blames him for Slimey's failure, but Telly points out he wouldn't have gone far any way, but he's still proud of Slimey for his first try.
Cartoon Number factory 1-10
(First: Episode 2541)
Song "You're Important"
(First: Episode 3396)
Animation Characters on a quilt form the letter W.
Artist: Karen Aqua
(First: Episode 3366)
Film Ornate Ws spin around in accompaniment to a song.
(First: Episode 2952)
Film Wegman's dogs form a W.
(First: Episode 3277)
Cookie love.JPG
Muppets Cookie Monster sings "You Made Me Love You."
Animation Looking for shapes on the Aztec Calendar Stone (Maria voiceover)
(First: Episode 3049)
Animation Looking for shapes on the Aztec Calendar Stone (Maria voiceover in Spanish)
(First: Episode 3049)
Film / Animation Circles of all kinds are displayed as funky rap music plays.
(First: Episode 3126)
Cartoon A cat desperately tries to open a can of cat food by himself while his mistress is on the phone.
Artist: Dan Haskett
(First: Episode 2151)

SCENE 2 Gordon places Lonnell on Jenna's side of the see-saw, believing the more weight they have, the farther Slimey will fly. As the countdown begins, Telly rushes to the trash can to witness the landing. Slimey is rocketed toward the sky and almost reaches the trash can, but misses and lands on Telly's head again.
Cartoon Geronimo 10-0: Instead of a parachute, she has a helicopter propeller.
(First: Episode 2262)
Song "Jump" (soul)
(First: Episode 3136)
Muppets Grover takes several dogs for a walk, explaining that dogs need exercise as much as people do.
(First: Episode 2734)
Film A man makes a shadow puppet of a dog.
(First: Episode 0601)
Numbercreatures 18 variant.jpg
Cartoon Number creatures 18
(First: Episode 2668)
Film Growing Numbers #18
(First: Episode 2933)
IMG 3300.png
Animation Masked march #18
(First: Episode 3427)
Muppets A monster sings "Comb Your Face."
(First: Episode 1851)
Cartoon Which legs belong on the man?
(First: Episode 1691)
SCENE 3 As Big Bird begins a Birdketeer meeting, Lonnell rushes to tell him he's needed for Slimey's trick. Big Bird accepts, but only after the meeting ends. Snuffy, their special guest, shows them his special dance - The Snuffleupagus.
Cartoon A girl fantasizes what she could do without leaving her room if her nose, ears, legs, and arms got bigger.
(First: Episode 3285)
Muppets A father monster sings a song to his confused son about the difference between up and down.
(First: Episode 3225)
Cartoon Buttons ride a rollercoaster "up and down."
(First: Episode 3207)
Film A film insert about washing elephants at the Bronx Zoo. The song "Splish Splash" is used in part of the segment.
(First: Episode 1934)
Animation Can you find the elephant in the painting?
(First: Episode 2811)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash
A princess claims that she will kiss anyone who has bulgy eyes, small ears, and a funny voice, wears a hat and coat, and is a frog. Kermit is the only one who fits that description, so she kisses him and, in a puff of smoke, she turns into a frog. Kermit invites her to "the hop", and she accepts. (new sound effects added)
(First: Episode 0859)
Animation Pencil box Y / y
(First: Episode 3043)
Film Y for yell, yellow and yodel
Animation Planet Y / y
(First: Episode 2859)

SCENE 4 Big Bird is ready and after the countdown, he sends Slimey flying. He lands right in the trash can, but misses the pool and instead lands on the trampoline. He's sent flying away again, landing right into Maria's soup.
Cartoon The Magnificent Splasho demonstrates before & after.
(First: Episode 0694)
Muppets "Elmo's Rap Alphabet"
Film Some kids talk about a garden they have in the middle of the city.
(First: Episode 2889)
Cartoon A dinosaur tries to move around a rock.
(First: Episode 2744)
Muppets / Celebrity Tracey Ullman and some kids play a Simon-style game with Mr. Honker, a Dinger, and a duck.
(First: Episode 2584)
Cartoon A story/song about a duckling who wants to join the others playing at the water's edge.
(First: Episode 2852)
Film ‘‘Jaws’’ spoof with the letter W.
(First: Episode 3366)
Animation W for water, wind, wave and wet
(First: Episode 3198)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — At the beach, Ernie notices that Bert is missing; all he sees is Bert's hat. Sherlock Hemlock helps find Bert, and in the process, discovers that Ernie accidentally buried Bert under the sand.
(First: Episode 0278)
Cartoon A girl builds a sand castle at the beach, but the ocean keeps washing it away, so she builds one away from the waves.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 1452)
Song "Starfish" by Joe Raposo.
(re-filmed version)
(First: Episode 2487)
Cartoon Joe's Lap (limerick)
(First: Episode 0617)

SCENE 5 Grundgetta tells Big Bird to aim for the pool this time (a command he doesn't quite understand). Slimey is sent up into the air again and after bouncing around the trash can, finally lands in the pool, to everyone's excitement. Oscar recites the sponsors for Slimey.

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