Sesame Street
Plot Martians visit, Bob fixes Telly’s juice
Air date April 23, 1996
Season Season 27 (1995-1996)
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Sponsors T, 3
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Picture Segment Description

COLD OPEN The Martians appear inside 123 Sesame Street and find the doorbell of Gordon and Susan's apartment. They listen, but it doesn’t make a sound. At first, they think it’s broken, but after consulting their book, they push the button. “Bong, bong, bong...Yip, yip, yip!” Gordon answers the door, but the Martians have disappeared and he finds only the viewer, whom he welcomes to Sesame Street.
SCENE 1 Tarah calls Big Bird and Bob over to show them a magic trick. She takes two pretzels and turns them into the letter T. Then, she eats them.
Animation A picture puzzle of the letter T is put together. A man walks up to it, and calls a taxi.
(First: Episode 2933)
Film Kids dance with the letter T, which is for triangle.
(First: Episode 3271)
Animation Sand T / t
(First: Episode 0636)
Muppets I Am Chicken
(First: Episode 2995)
Film A girl learns how to rollerblade.
(First: Episode 3270)
It's the ocean
Cartoon Cap'n Feenie asks, "What is it?" It's the ocean.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2710)

Celebrity Awadagin Pratt visits Finders Keepers, where Ruthie watches Big Bird attempt to play the piano. Big Bird lets him have a turn, and his playing attracts the ears of the Street's inhabitants who listen in.
Animation A piece of paper floats down onto a table, then folds itself into a paper crane, which flies away.
(First: Episode 2892)
Film A girl narrates a segment about her friend, Billy, who swims with dolphins.
(First: Episode 3012)
Animation A Navajo blanket is formed as tribal music plays.
(First: Episode 2963)
SCENE 2 Bob is talking to Maria when Telly comes by the Fix-It Shop. He says his juice is broken—he has been trying all day to get some juice out, and he has tried everything from shaking it to banging it. Bob suggests he take the top off. It works, and Telly thinks Bob is so good at fixing things, Maria should hire him.
Song Drink of Water
(First: Episode 2545)
Cartoon The Great Inventors Series: John Montague, Earl of Sandwich, invents a new type of food that can be eaten while playing cards.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 2574)
Muppets Professor Grover talks about the importance of listening...especially if the sound indicates some kind of danger.
(EKA: Episode 2278)
Song You're Important
(First: Episode 3396)
SCENE 3 An unseen voice tells Zoe to "Follow the Dots" and make a number 3.
Animation Three taxi chairs.
(First: Episode 3119)
Muppets Benny and his boss have been waiting for Lefty for a long time. Benny wonders how they will know when it's Lefty at the door, so he informs him that Lefty will knock three times - their secret knock to enter their hideout. Lefty forgets, so they won't let him in until he finally gets three knocks. When they let him in, the boss informs him that if he forgets the number of knocks again, he's in big trouble. So, to test his memory, the boss and Benny lock themselves out and knock the door to see if Lefty knows which is the correct number. He forgets once again, which gets him very worked up and runs out of the hideout, leaving the other two locked outside.
(First: Episode 0722)

Film Rollercoaster 1, 2, 3 (original version)
(First: Episode 0254)
Muppets Kermit the Frog sings “This Frog.”
(First: Episode 0944)
Toon differentmes
Cartoon A boy talks about his various moods.
Artist: Bob Kurtz
(EKA: Episode 0831)
SCENE 4 Gordon sings with the kids about “What Your Arms Can Do”: fly, flop, make bunny ears, and stop.
Cartoon “Love” word animation.
(First: Episode 0926)
Song Me and My Chair
(First: Episode 1706)
Cartoon Madrigal Alphabet
Animation by Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0619)
Muppets Biff tries to help Roxie Marie with her geography homework, but she knows more about the continents than he does. Roxy Marie wants to go to South America because there are more species of bugs there than anywhere else on earth.
(First: Episode 3375)
Cartoon Gloria Globe pulls a tiger out of her hat. The tiger belongs in India.
(First: Episode 2789)
Muppets Oscar the Grouch, Elmo, and the Grouchketeers sing “The No-No-No!
(First: Episode 3347)
Cartoon A dog tries desperately to meow, but can only bark.
(First: Episode 0829)
Muppets Cookie Monster plays a shell game at a carnival, and the prize is a cookie. A cookie is placed under one of three shells, and the carnival barker rearranges them, and has Cookie Monster guess which one it's under. After failing to guess correctly, the carnival barker lets Cookie Monster try it again, this time using only two shells, and Cookie Monster fails to win again. Since Cookie Monster can't have the cookie, he eats the shells.
Film Wegman's dogs: Farmer McFay has 3 fruits.
(First: Episode 3189)
Cartoon Edgar Turtle sings “Hey Diddle Diddle.”
Artist: Jeff Hale
(EKA: Episode 2404)
Muppets Sonny Friendly hosts "The Crying Game," where Sonny tells a sad story, and whoever (Luke Warm, Ida Nomer, and Gordon Blue) cries the hardest wins. However, after Sonny learns that the prize is his own teddy bear, he cries the hardest and wins.
(First: Episode 3201)
Cartoon T is for Television
(First: Episode 0024)
Film The floating kids form a capital T.
(First: Episode 3121)
Animation Airplanes carve the capital and lowercase T.
(First: Episode 3230)
Animation The sign flashes WALK and DON’T WALK.
(First: Episode 3272)
SCENE 5 The Martians find the letter T and the number 3, and consult their book to announce the sponsors. They ring the doorbell three times, then disappear before Gordon can answer.
COMING SOON Coming soon on Sesame Street: Baby Bear gets excited when he sees his stuffed toy puppy, Ralph.

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