Sesame Street
Moving to Cleveland
Air date March 21, 1997
Season Season 28 (1996-1997)
Sponsors I, 10


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Maria thinks it'd be a fun night to go to the movies and tells Luis her plans. After work, they'll all go see the new family flick, Moving to Cleveland at 5 o'clock. Maria explains their plans to Ruthie over the phone, just as Elmo enters the Fix-It Shop. Elmo only hears Maria's end of the conversation, making him think her, Luis and Gabi are moving to Cleveland! Outside, he expresses his concern, but thinks Cleveland could only be a couple of blocks away. He goes to ask a grown-up.
Cartoon Mary Shaboom reluctantly moves to a new house, and muses about the consequences.
(First: Episode 2959)
Song "Family Song" - a rewritten version of "Brothers Song"
(First: Episode 3423)
Cartoon Shooting stars form the letter I/i.
(First: Episode 2218)
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater: The King and I
(First: Episode 2727)
Cartoon CGI sheep graze out I and i.
(First: Episode 2896)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk: "Follow the leader" dance with Mark Morris
Part 1
SCENE 2 Elmo asks Gordon about Cleveland, learning it's a city in Ohio and very far away. Elmo now realizes he has to make sure the move doesn't happen!
Cartoon The word AIRPORT (with photographs of such)
(First: Episode 3373)
Animation Cecille sings "The Game of Make Believe."
(First: Episode 2864)
Muppets Ernie & Bert — At the movies, Ernie reacts to a sad, funny, scary movie, to Bert's embarrassment and the annoyance of the other viewers.
(First: Episode 0627)
Cartoon Do you know what it's like to be scared?
(First: Episode 0547)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk: "Follow the leader" dance with Mark Morris
Part 2
SCENE 3 Elmo schemes that he'll distract Maria by having her say the alphabet over and over until she forgets about the time. However, Maria is too busy to talk alphabet with him. She instead asks him to help her clean, which Elmo thinks could take just long enough to delay her move.
Cartoon Madrigal Alphabet
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0615)
Film "Jack-a-Nory" with Wegman's dogs.
Muppets The Martians are a "Yip Yip Family."
(First: Episode 2724)
Animation A boy has a dream in which he floats in Outer Space between things.
(First: Episode 3093)
Film Three girls do a "One Potato" rhyme.
(First: Episode 3271)
Cartoon Number Guy: "How Many Pigs Will Jump Into This Mud?" The answer is 10.
(First: Episode 3390)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk: "Follow the leader" dance
Part 3
SCENE 4 Elmo is still wiping down the counter and explains his slow-goings: if he doesn't make sure the counter is spotless, Slimey might crawl on it, get infected by germs, go to the Worm Hospital and everyone will be sad. Maria tells him that whether he finishes or not, when she's done with her work, she'll be leaving.
Animation A walk through a neighborhood made of paper and photographic characters.
(First: Episode 3583)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover watches Samantha count backwards from 5.
Cartoon Geronimo 10-0: The parachute becomes a large mattress.
(First: Episode 2245)
Song "Explore With Me" (reggae)
(First: Episode 3531)
Muppets / Celebrity Whoopi Goldberg demonstrates the art of acting by pretending to be various things, which Telly and Big Bird completely fall for (though, it turns out they're acting too). She also pretends to be her dream role - Cookie Monster.
Cartoon An actor demonstrates anger towards a casting director - literally!
(First: Episode 2061)
Film A class makes a quilt of their faces.
(First: Episode 3034)
Cartoon "Part of the Whole"
Artist: Sally Cruikshank
(First: Episode 2714)
Film Cars on the street go fast, then slow, then fast again.
(First: Episode 2988)
SCENE 5 Maria is finished with work, but Elmo is still cleaning the table. Maria decides to cooperate and wipe it down with broad strokes of her rag. Elmo then positions himself at the door, making sure she won't leave.
Animation Cut-outs enter a house with an ENTRADA sign.
(First: Episode 3382)
Muppets "In South America," they say "Buenos Dias" for good morning, and "Buenas Noches" for good night.
(First: Episode 3105)
Animation Pencil box I/i
(First: Episode 2890)
Animation Ornate I's swing through the air to a song.
(First: Episode 2921)
Animation I / i Gregorian Chant
(First: Episode 3342)
Film Coverage of a spring kite-flying festival, where both kids and grownups can participate.
(First: Episode 3276)
Cartoon Mr. Tweak can't sleep because his neighbor above snores, and his neighbor below sneezes.
Artist: Abe Levitow
(First: Episode 0528)

SCENE 6 Maria can't open the door with Elmo blocking it, until Luis and Gabi open it up from the outside (smooshing Elmo into the wall). They learn that Elmo thinks they're moving and they explain the situation to him. To make him feel better, they give him a hug and agree to take him to the movie. Since they're late for the 5 o'clock showing, they can go to the next one at six-thirty. Elmo announces the sponsors and they all leave for the theater.
COMING SOON Coming soon on Sesame Street: Papa Bear launches into the air on a pogo stick.

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