Sesame Street
The Refrigerator Museum of Art
Air date November 18, 1997
Season Season 29 (1997-1998)
Written by Mo Willems
Sponsors A, 16


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN Papa Bear takes Baby Bear to the Refrigerator Museum of Art, showcasing the best kids drawings from around the world on the world's best fridges. Baby Bear loves what he sees and immediately wants to leave, so he can make his own art worthy to hang at the museum.
SCENE 1 Baby Bear sets up his art station in the arbor. He plans on drawing the letter A, when Goldilocks shows up with her art supplies. She assures him she's not trying to get into the museum and just wants to draw.
Animation Pencil box A/a
(First: Episode 3082)
Film A for action, acrobat, art, artichoke, and applause.
(First: Episode 3266)
Muppets The Martians investigate an A.
(First: Episode 3387)
Cartoon "Part of the Whole"
Artist: Sally Cruikshank
(First: Episode 2714)
Ernie's Bert Sculpture
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie makes a clay bust of Bert, but runs out of clay for the nose, so he pulls Bert's nose off and puts it on the statue.
(First: Episode 0463)
Song Leon Redbone sings "Blueberry Mouth."
(First: Episode 3300)
Cartoon "Angry Annie": A small girl vents her rage at the world, frustrated by the problems of everyday life, until her younger brother offers her part of his orange. (new music and sound effects)
Artist: John Korty
(First: Episode 2087)
SCENE 2 Goldilocks asks to borrow a brown crayon from Baby Bear. He's so taken aback by her uncharacteristic move that he messes up his drawing and starts over. The same thing happens when she asks to borrow a yellow crayon. Baby Bear finds himself in the opposite position when he needs an indigo-mauve-moonlight hue crayon.
Cartoon Musicians in a painting learn to cooperate to play music.
(First: Episode 3460)
Film A three-year-old African boy narrates a film about a day in his life.
(First: Episode 3267)
Ladysmithblackmambazo Muppets "African Alphabet Song"
(First: Episode 2360)
Two viewers with Picassoesque facial features in an art gallery critically examine the portrait of a viewer.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3442)
Film A girl draws a picture of her friend, Dai Xi.
(First: Episode 2791)

SCENE 3 Gordon passes by and admires both their drawings. Baby Bear wonders what Goldilocks has drawn, but she keeps it a secret. Big Bird and The Birdketeers arrive and do their "Up and Down Dance," and are joined by Goldilocks and other birds.
Luxo Jr
Animation Luxo Jr.: Up and Down
(First: Episode 3130)
Muppets / Celebrity Little Richard sings "Rosita," a song about feelings, to Rosita.
(First: Episode 3225)
Animation Growing Numbers #16
(First: Episode 2996)
Animation Masked March #16
(First: Episode 3372)
Film Kids paint a mural of the number 16.
(First: Episode 3625)
Cartoon A man has a small octopus on his head, but a little boy has a big octopus.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3270)
Cast Ruthie laughs uncontrollably after watching the previous segment. She tells the viewers while laughing, "Well didn't you think that was funny? Check out the next one!" And continues laughing.
(First: Episode 3648)
Song "I Put My Leg in My Pants"
(First: Episode 3402)
Cartoon Different emotions are drawn on a face, until the character grabs the pencil.
(First: Episode 3531)
Muppets Mr. Johnson comes to Grover's photo studio to have his portrait taken. However, Grover photographs his foot and hand instead, and has to be reminded to capture the face.
(First: Episode 3232)
Cartoon Soul A!
(First: Episode 3359)
Film Wegman's dogs form the letter A, which stands for artist and airplane.
(First: Episode 3534)
Animation Airplanes carve the capital and lowercase A.
(First: Episode 3209)

SCENE 4 Baby Bear finishes his piece, when Hilton Creamer (the museum's art critic) happens by. He observes both pieces of art and passes on Baby Bear's; they're not looking for any letter As at the current time. He does accept Goldilock's drawing of Baby Bear holding the letter A, which she calls "A Great Artist."
SCENE 4 cont'd Baby Bear feels happy and sad at the same time when Papa Bear arrives. Papa Bear claims he's happy the museum didn't take his drawing - now they can put it on their fridge at home.
Animation The word "LOVE" in various situations.
(First: Episode 3569)
Muppets Elmo sings "Right in the Middle of My Face" while walking through an animated art gallery.
(First: Episode 3130)
Animation Yellow drops don't want to play with a red ball at first, but they make a good flower together.
(First: Episode 1895)
Song "You're Important"
(First: Episode 3396)
Cartoon A boy draws a portrait of himself and calls it ME. (new music and sound effects added)
(First: Episode 2085)
SCENE 5 Baby Bear and Goldilocks draw pictures of each other as Papa Bear announces the sponsors.


  • For an unknown reason, this episode was repeated as episode 3759 during summer reruns.

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