Sesame Street
Grundgetta’s Grouch Beauty Salon
Air date January 9, 1998
Season Season 29 (1997-1998)
Written by Belinda Ward
Directed by Regge Life
Sponsors Y, 15


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Grundgetta has opened her own Grouch beauty salon by the subway and finishes up her work on Oscar. Bob comes and learns how a Grouch beauty salon works: Grouches go there to look yuckier. Fluffy then blows Bob away while in hairdryer mode. Grundgetta begins yelling for customers, but none of the passing Grouches seem to care.
Song "Fixin' My Hair"
(First: Episode 2734)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit the Frog reports on Rapunzel, who has been locked in a tower by the wicked witch. Prince Charming comes to rescue her by asking to let down her hair, and she literally does... by having her hair fall off her head.
(First: Episode 0409)
Animation Sand Y/y
(First: Episode 0626)
Film Jaws spoof with the letter Y.
(First: Episode 3323)
Cartoon The Typewriter: Y for Yo-Yo
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0769)
Celebrity The Neville Brothers sing "Believe in Yourself," with a montage of clips from films including "I'm the Big One Now," "Reach Your Hand Up High" and "Hot in the City."
(First: Episode 3158)
Cartoon A rooster finds a purpose in his life when he's given the job to wake everyone on a farm. (new music added)
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1347)
4087 joey karate
Film Rory, the green-belt aged 6, goes to karate class and learns under his sensei, where he does toe touches, kicking, stretches, jumping jacks, and an unnamed move consisting of tumbling, then posing. Not only do they practice inside, but they also practice outside in the park.
(First: Episode 3423)
Cartoon A man has a small octopus on his head, but a little boy has a big octopus.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3270)
Muppets Grover attempts to sell Mr. Johnson a wig, but when he finally finds one that suits him, it turns out to be a guinea pig.
(First: Episode 3407)
Animation Counting 1-10 and 10-0 in Spanish (Maria voice-over)
(First: Episode 3008)
Song "Conga Counting Song"
(First: Episode 2778)
Cartoon A horse falls apart into a jigsaw puzzle. (new music added)
(First: Episode 0784)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk dance to Aaron Copland's "Hoedown" with some ribbon twirlers.
Part 1
(First: Episode 3542)
SCENE 2 Gina arrives to see Grundgetta’s new salon, but she demands Gina leaves, since her nice demeanor will scare customers away. Two female Grouches approach the salon, forcing Gina to duck from sight. However, Gina pops up from excitement of Grundgetta having customers, sending the two Grouches away, fearing the salon will make them as beautiful as her. Fluffy then gets an idea on how Gina can make it up to her.
Animation A montage of boys, all of whom are named Joe, saying what their favorite sports are. The last one turns out to be a girl named Joanne.
Artist: John Korty
(First: Episode 1871)
Muppets Ernie & BertBert is reading a book about air, and tells Ernie that air moves things. Ernie decides to verify that with his electric fan, which blows Bert's book away - so that Bert can play baseball with Ernie.
(First: Episode 3552)
Animation Rubber Stamp #15
(First: Episode 2945)
Film Growing Numbers #15
(First: Episode 2971)
Cartoon An animated number 15 sings "How Hard It Is to Be 15" to a child who is trying to count from 1 to 20, but can't remember 15.
(First: Episode 2743)
Muppets Baby Tooth and the Fuzzy Funk dance to Aaron Copland's "Hoedown" with some kids.
Part 2
(First: Episode 3542)

SCENE 3 Gina is now in Grundgetta’s working can and is going to be made yucky. As she works on Gina, she and some Grouch back-up singers sing a song. Gina emerges from the can with messy hair, but she feels it could be yuckier.
Film A girl narrates a film of herself swimming.
(First: Episode 3611)
Cartoon A man (Jim Thurman) is interrupted as he tries to recite the alphabet. (new music added)
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 1499)
Film Korean girls do a spring dance.
(First: Episode 3170)
Muppets Monty sings "Watermelons and Cheese," the improper way to answer the phone.
(First: Episode 3214)
Animation The word TELEPHONE is displayed, followed by a ringing telephone.
(First: Episode 3048)
Cartoon Kids sing about the joys of celery.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2976)
Insert Big Bird reads a fan letter, asking him how he has so much pep and energy. He explains it's because of sleep.
(First: Episode 3443)
Animation Luxo Jr. displays its front and back, eventually getting exhausted.
(First: Episode 3279)
Muppets Zoe demonstrates front and back using Wolfgang and a fish.
(First: Episode 3411)
Cartoon A girl practices to roller skate over many days.
(First: Episode 3556)
Song "The First Time" - Children try various activities (riding tricycles, tying shoes, etc.) and progressively improve.
(First: Episode 2950)
Cartoon A yak discusses the letter "Y" on a stage, and is insulted when it is called a "Yakkity-yakkity-yak". (new sound effects added)
(First: Episode 0301)
Film Y for yell, yellow, yodel
(First: Episode 3456)
Cartoon Y for Yak (new music and sound effects added)
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1184)
Song Jerry Nelson sings "Salt, My Salt."
(First: Episode 2909)
Cartoon A baby bird falls from a tree. A boy puts him back, and in return, the mother bird saves the boy from embarrassment.
(First: Episode 0550)
SCENE 4 With Gina’s Grouch hairstyle completed, Bob hardly recognizes her. Oscar and two other Grouches arrive and love Gina’s new hairstyle. Even a famous Grouch beautician, Elizablech, arrives to get Grundgetta’s work. As the Grouches argue over who goes first, Bob announces the sponsors. Oscar tries to ask the yucky-looking Gina on a date, but she refuses and tells him to “SCRAM!”
COMING SOON Coming soon on Sesame Street: a tiny letter arrives for Slimey. Gabi reads it with a magnifying glass, revealing that it's from WASA. The letter says that Slimey has been accepted to try out for their Worm Moon Mission!

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