Sesame Street
Mumford helps Oscar
Air date January 16, 1998
Season Season 29 (1997-1998)
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Directed by Lisa Simon
Sponsors F, 20


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Oscar attempts to have his morning oatmeal (with meatloaf and sprinkles), but it's too hot. Mumford offers to cool it down with a fan, but instead conjures up other F words, including a firetruck and fingerpaints. He won't give up and waves his wand again, conjuring up...
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie hates the letter F, until all F things disappear, including the furniture, the floor and the firefighter.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3274)
Film Alphaboy fans his father's feet with feathers.
(First: Episode 3442)
Muppets "Cereal Girl"
(First: Episode 2687)
Film Jodi goes to the doctor for a check-up.
(First: Episode 3526)
Cartoon A Zerkel named Dan demonstrates -an words.
Artist: Sally Cruikshank
(First: Episode 3515)
SCENE 2 Mumford gives his trick another try and makes another segment appear...
Cartoon A magician writes in his diary about the many mishaps during his performance. (new music and sound effects added)
(First: Episode 2053)
Muppets Grover works at a department store. Mr. Johnson wants a suit just like the one on the mannequin, but Grover is worried that the mannequin will be embarrassed.
(First: Episode 3448)
Cartoon In rhyme, a man points out animals who stole and/or ruined his clothing. (new music and sound effects added)
(First: Episode 0778)
Song "See Like a Bird" (Seagull)
(First: Episode 3681)
Muppets Big Bird exclaims "Amazing!" (new music added)
(First: Episode 3191)
Cartoon "Up and Down with Captain Brown"
(First: Episode 2493)
Film A man (voice of Jim Thurman) finds a magic remote control that makes things go up and down. He tests it on various objects. When he presses "down" for a bridge, it crumbles and falls into the river below, prompting him to abandon the remote and slink away. A girl then finds it and makes the bridge go back up.
(First: Episode 2614)
Cartoon Letters gather in order, against the birds-eye view of a city.
(First: Episode 3267)

SCENE 3 Mumford tells Gordon about his trick, having produced several more F-word items. By now, Oscar's oatmeal has cooled down, which Mumford takes credit for. He heads off to a magic convention, forgetting to get rid of all the junk he made magically appear. Oscar considers keeping them to make them trash, but Gordon thinks he should instead give it over to Gina and the kids at day care. Oscar mulls over it.
Animation Before / after: Designs of a rainforest are painted on a chair.
(First: Episode 3129)
Cartoon Frances Fairy displays several F words.
(First: Episode 0335)
Film Alphaquest: F
(First: Episode 2759)
Cartoon F-face: Various faces morph into each other.
(First: Episode 2916)
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater
Cyranose de Bergerac, a poet with a two-foot-long nose, tries to help the queen of France finish her poem. Unfortunately, the word used to finish it is the word he's the most sensitive to: "nose". One mention of that word and he'll go medieval on you! (new sound effects added)
(First: Episode 3000)
Cartoon I hab a cauld ib by dose.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 1170)
Muppets / Celebrity "Two Princes"
(First: Episode 3450)
Film The McDouble twins know how to help each other.
(First: Episode 3213)
Cartoon Number Creatures #20
(First: Episode 2687)
Film A judo class does 20 jumping jacks.
(First: Episode 3403)
Muppets Big Bird asks to see that number one more time.
(First: Episode 3247)
Cartoon The Bellhop is sent to the grocery store to get twenty grapefruits. He counts to 20 on the way there so that he can remember the quantity, but forgets what item he was sent for.
(First: Episode 2533)
Song Joe Raposo sings "What Do You Do With a Fruit?"
(First: Episode 2050)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster sounds out the word "hop" and starts hopping.
(First: Episode 1482)
Cartoon POP loves to BOP.
Artist: Joey Ahlbum
(First: Episode 3519)
Film A dance class does some stretching exercises, then dance in their own ways, ending with the tango (instrumental: "Naughty Door Opera").
(First: Episode 3022)
Cartoon A man talks about how much he loves his bones.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 2628)
SCENE 4 Oscar quietly informs the viewer he's decided to give the stuff to Gina's after all, as he places the items at her door, runs off and watches from outside the Furry Arms. Gina, Baby Bear and the kids rummage through the items and Gordon reveals it was on behalf of Oscar. They all head to Oscar's to thank him.
Song "Happy Happiness," against footage of kids playing at a beach.
(First: Episode 3320)
Cartoon Two ducks look the same height when they're in the bathtub, but one of them is taller when he steps out.
(First: Episode 0303)
Muppets Big Bird comments, "That was funny!"
(First: Episode 3147)
Animation Teeny Little Super Guy: Two boys are fighting over a swing, so Teeny Little Super Guy shows them how to share.
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(First: Episode 1967)

SCENE 5 Everyone surrounds Oscar's can to thank him for the items. Oscar allows them to say a unanimous, quick thanks as long as they scram afterwards. He becomes immediately disgusted and Gordon announces the sponsors and reports the status of Slimey's spaceship.
COMING SOON Coming Soon on Sesame Street: The gang "moonwalks."

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