Sesame Street
Telly's life of triangles
Air date April 6, 1998
Season Season 29 (1997-1998)
Written by Lou Berger
Sponsors S, 6


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird and the Birdketeers assemble for a meeting to sing "The Alphabet Song." They invite Telly to join, but he'd much rather admire his triangle collection. They sing the song and Big Bird notices how into his triangles Telly is today.
Song "The African Animal Alphabet"
(First: Episode 3396)

Film Kids rehearse a large group African dance in the park, get their faces painted, and perform.
(First: Episode 3079)
Cartoon A lizard, a girl and a dog dance.
Artist: Karen Aqua
(First: Episode 2795)
Muppets Elmo shows top and bottom by standing on top of the frame, then falling to the bottom.
(First: Episode 2999)
Animation Arnold uses his imagination.
Artist: Craig Bartlett
(First: Episode 2754)
SCENE 2 Big Bird and the Birdkeeters are now going to count to 40, though Telly declines once more and any future invitations. He claims that triangles are now all he needs in life and won't have time for counting or the alphabet, hoping to one day become the leader of the Triangle Lovers Club. Suddenly, the two hear the familiar theme of The Grand High Triangle Lover, meaning he's making a visit!
Cartoon 40 lemmings (doo-wop)
(First: Episode 2873)
Film The floating kids form a triangle.
(First: Episode 3122)
Muppets Worms in Space form shapes.
Song "Country in the City"
(First: Episode 3292)
Cartoon Seymore the snail presents himself.
Artist: Mo Willems
Animation S for shadow, soccer balls, sand, and slide
(First: Episode 3639)
Cartoon S for scribble, scrub, scrunch, splash, spring, spin, stomp, scream, stop, sorry
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 3504)
Muppets Waiter Grover
Mr. Johnson wants a hamburger, but Grover strongly suggests that he order the tomato surprise instead. Mr. Johnson relents and asks for the tomato surprise, only to find that it means a giant, talking tomato will be dining with him. Surprise!
Film Wegman's dogs bake a pineapple cake.
Cartoon Name That Food ("Will you eat it?")
(First: Episode 1491)
SCENE 3 The Grand High Triangle Lover and Norman arrive with a special message for Telly: since nobody in the Triangle Lovers Club appears to love triangles as much as Telly, the GHTL would like to invite Telly to dinner at his apartment. Telly immediately accepts and wonders about all the three-sided activities they'll no doubt be doing.
Song "I'm in Great Shape": Kids dance with triangles, circles and squares.
(First: Episode 3277)
Cartoon A girl searches for the letter S in a mound of letters.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 3649)
Muppets Humphrey and Ingrid wonder what their Super Baby is going to do that starts with S. She goes to sleep.
(First: Episode 3653)
Film S is for SPLASH!
(First: Episode 3639)
Cartoon A bird transforms into a plane, a car, a cat, a fish, a submarine, Submarine Man, and back to a bird.
(First: Episode 1616)

SCENE 4 Telly finishes up his pot roast in the GHTL's black-and-white apartment with Lou (the GHTL) and his wife. Telly is confused as to why dessert, cookies, is circular, not triangular. Lou explains that at home, he enjoys other shapes. Now, it's time for their post-dinner sing-along, where all their friends (and Norman) come over to sing some songs. Telly assumes they will be about triangles, when Lou explains that there's more to his life than just triangles. Telly realizes the same and enthusiastically joins the crowd in singing "The Alphabet Song."
Cartoon The Four Squares sing "It's Hip To Be a Square."
Artists: Vincent Cafarelli & Candy Kugel
(First: Episode 2615)
Cartoon Christopher Clumsy demonstrates shapes.
Artist: Cliff Roberts
(First: Episode 0416)
Film Coverage of a spring kite-flying festival, where both kids and grownups can participate.
(First: Episode 3276)
1095d Cartoon "I'm six years old today!"
Artist: Jim Simon
(First: Episode 0357)
Muppets Bert says his favorite number is Six.
(First: Episode 1289)
Cartoon Six camels
Artist: Owe Gustafson
(First: Episode 1503)
Animation In stop-motion, sandwich ingredients square-dance in a ring and arrange themselves into a sandwich, which gets a bite taken out of it in a refrigerator.
(First: Episode 3080)

Muppets / Celebrity Big Bird stands on the roof with Tony Bennett, who sings "Slimey to the Moon."
Cartoon Flash Gizmo, Space Cadet
Over, under, around and through
(First: Episode 3698)
Film Over (silent film)
(First: Episode 0517)
Muppets Count von Count sings "Lambaba" as he counts sheep and other animals that pop into the room.
(First: Episode 2789)
Cartoon A girl thinks she hears a monster doing a cha-cha outside her window, but it's only the wind and a cricket. Her snores frighten the real monster.
Artist: Deanna Morse
(First: Episode 2951)
SCENE 5 Telly returns to Big Bird's nest, eager to share what he's learned and ready to sing "The Alphabet Song" with him. However, it's Big Bird's (and Radar's) bedtime and they head to sleep. Telly announces the sponsors instead, as well as the status of of Slimey's trek back to Earth.
COMING SOON Coming soon on Sesame Street: Tracy Chapman sings with the Muppets about asking questions.

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