Sesame Street
Telly and Baby Bear go camping
Air date May 6, 1998
Season Season 29 (1997-1998)
Written by Christine Ferraro
Sponsors Y, 18
Syndication HBO Family


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Papa Bear calls a Bear Scout meeting to order. Baby Bear, Telly, Rosita and Paul gather to have their badges inspected, and hope to up their ranking from Cubs to Grizzlies. Rosita and Paul have their required badges, but Baby Bear and Telly are both missing the "camping out like a bear" badge. Everyone is surprised to learn that Baby Bear has never camped out like a bear, but he explains that camping is not for him because he lives in a house. Telly and Baby Bear are both upset about not becoming Grizzlies, but Papa Bear agrees to take them on a camping trip to Mount Bear tonight.
The bears go home and pack up, and Telly is worried about how he'll survive the camping trip ...
Cartoon A family goes over their camping checklist before they leave for the woods.
(First: Episode 3411)
Muppets "We Are All Earthlings"
(First: Episode 2835)
Cartoon A St. Bernard helps Zork down a snowy hill, later finding out that Zork wanted to go skiing.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2738)
SCENE 2 In the woods, Papa Bear finishes tying down the tent, and sends Telly and Baby Bear to look for firewood. While they're gathering, Telly confesses that he's scared that something will scare him, like wild animals. Baby Bear reassures him that the only ones out here are a few bears and a monster, which freaks Telly out, until he tells him he was referring to himself, Papa Bear and Telly. They have a laugh, and continue gathering firewood.
Cartoon A girl thinks she hears a monster doing a cha-cha outside her window, but it's only the wind and crickets. Her snores frighten the real monster.
Artist: Deanna Morse
(First: Episode 2951)
cut from the HBO version
Muppets / Celebrity Grover sings "Monster in the Mirror" assisted by several celebrities including The Simpsons, Whoopi Goldberg, and Ray Charles.
(First: Episode 2835)
Animation Airplanes carve the capital and lowercase letter Y.
(First: Episode 3199)
Film Y for yell, yellow, yodel
(First: Episode 3456)
Animation Y: Yuri, a yellow yak, eats yams and yogurt.
(First: Episode 3381)
SCENE 3 At night, the three are gathered around the campfire. Telly is having a good time, but still suspects that something will scare him, until Papa Bear tells him there's nothing to be scared of. They all really like being outdoors, especially the bears. Papa Bear takes a banjo and plays "I'm a Happy Camper," telling the story of the first time he went camping with his papa.
Everyone notices it got dark, and Baby Bear suddenly wants to go home, because he's afraid of the dark. Papa Bear runs after him.
Cartoon A girl overcomes her fear of scary things in the dark by singing with them.
Artist: Lisa Crafts
(First: Episode 3704)
Film A boy is scared to go to sleep at night, until his dad tells him to use his imagination to calm himself down. He conducts a symphony with his toys.
(First: Episode 3271)
Muppets Ernie and Bert sing "But I Like You."
(First: Episode 1952)
Cartoon Two girls sing a reggae rendition of the alphabet.
(First: Episode 3269)

SCENE 4 Baby Bear is scared of the dark, even to his surprise. Telly reminds him that he won't become a Bear Scout Grizzly if he goes home, and Papa Bear reassures him that they can stay a little while longer while he decides whether he really wants to camp out. Telly even lets Baby Bear borrow Freddy, and he tries to relax. He becomes scared when he hears the sounds of an owl, a bullfrog, a cricket, and finally a horrible growling sound ... which turns out to be Telly's hungry stomach. Everyone feels better after a round of sandwiches.
Cartoon A spoof of Alice Cooper's "Eighteen" - the number of sandwiches the singer has to choose from.
(First: Episode 2859)
Film 18 glasses, 18 chairs, 18 socks
(First: Episode 3710)
Animation Characters on a quilt form the number 18.
Artist: Karen Aqua
Muppets Kermit the Frog sings "When I Listen".
(First: Episode 1760)
Cartoon A boy narrates a poem about how he met Eleanor, the monster under his bed.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 2773)
SCENE 5 Baby Bear has decided that he wants to go home, so Papa Bear starts packing up. Telly decides that being friends with Baby Bear is more important than becoming a Grizzly. Baby Bear thinks there's no light around, but Papa Bear points his attention to the light that comes from the fire, the lightning bugs, the stars and the moon. He even gives Baby Bear his flashlight, which makes him feel like staying on the camping trip.
Cartoon Noodles and Nedd play shadow games indoors with a flashlight, and outdoors.
(First: Episode 3704)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover and Samantha pretend to go to the moon.
(First: Episode 3711)
Cartoon Lightbulbs subtract from 5 to 0.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 2188)

Muppets / Celebrity Big Bird stands on the roof with Tony Bennett, who sings "Slimey to the Moon."
(First: Episode 3756)
Animation Planet Y / y
(First: Episode 2859)
Muppets Worms in Space make the letter Y.
Cartoon Y for yawn
(First: Episode 0301)
cut from the HBO version
Song "It's a Long Hard Road, But I'm Gonna Get There."
(First: Episode 3398)
cut from the HBO version
Muppets Cookie Monster visits the local bakery to talk about "important". He shows off the different kinds of cookies that are important to him.
(First: Episode 3235)
Cartoon Jerry Nelson sings "Moonshine."
(First: Episode 2775)


SCENE 6 Papa Bear watches as Telly and Baby Bear sleep, and gives them their "camping out" badges. He plays the banjo while announcing the sponsors, and reports the status of Slimey's spaceship.
COMING SOON Coming soon on Sesame Street: Baby Bear recites a poem about the number 12.

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