Sesame Street
Herry sleeps over at Gabi's
Air date November 25, 1998
Season Season 30 (1998-1999)
Written by Sara Compton
Production September 8 & 15, 1998
Sponsors P, 2
Syndication 123 Sesame Street
PBS Sprout


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird greets the viewer, and decides to take a walk down the Street. He finds Herry Monster at the Fix-It Shop with a suitcase. Herry explains that he is going to sleep over at Gabi's house, and is making sure he's got everything. When he wants to show Big Bird his doll, whose inside the suitcase, his strength causes everything to fly out. Big Bird reassures him that Maria can fix it; she can fix anything.
Animation Luxo Jr.: Heavy and Light
(First: Episode 2860)
Film The letter P dances at the beach.
(First: Episode 3537)
Muppets Sesame Street News Flash: Kermit goes to Peter Piper's Pickled Peppers Patch to interview Peter Piper, but he only gets to meet other members of his family, whose names all begin with a common letter. At the end, Peter Piper's cousin states that Peter Piper is in Portland pressing pants.
(First: Episode 1342)
Animation The letter P appears in words on buildings.
(First: Episode 3329)
Cartoon A girl has trouble closing her suitcase after she's packed it, but has help from her four-legged friend.
(First: Episode 1469)
SCENE 2 Maria finishes mending the suitcase, and Big Bird and Herry check the hinges. ("Open, close. Open, close.") Herry has to trot off to day care, and leaves Big Bird with the suitcase; he's having fun!

Muppets Monsters in Day Care:
Herry witnesses a group of kids taking a nap, and does the same with his monster pals later.
Film A three-year-old African boy narrates a film about a day in his life.
(First: Episode 3267)
Song "Push! Push! Push!"
(First: Episode 3445)

SCENE 3 Maria finishes packing Herry's suitcase and takes it inside. Big Bird then presents the letter of the day: a Muppet letter "P", who's pleased as punch. Big Bird notices the button on top of him, and pushes it. The hole in the "P" becomes a television screen, which broadcasts...
Cartoon P for peas
(First: Episode 3485)
Film P for party, picture and puzzle.
(First: Episode 3267)
Big Bird thanks the "P", who has to get to ping-pong practice.
Animation A group of round crayons draws a house, and is hesitant to let a square yellow crayon join, until it draws the sun. They all cooperate to make a rainbow.
(First: Episode 3105)
Film The letters of the alphabet are found in signs all over the city. (new soundtrack)
(First: Episode 3652)
Cartoon African quilt pattern
(First: Episode 3145)

SCENE 4 After Gabi calls her father, she and Herry decide to play hide and seek. Gabi counts to twenty as Herry wonders where he can hide. Since there aren't many options, he picks the curtains...
SCENE 4 cont'd ... which he pulls down. Maria comes in and sees the broken curtains, but it's no problem; Maria can fix anything.
Animation A chicken lays 20 eggs, which hatch.
(First: Episode 3122)
Film Jerry Nelson, Roscoe Orman and Fran Brill narrate "Great Moments at the Sink," in which mud-pie champion Sasha Smith washes her hands.
(First: Episode 3665)
SCENE 5 Maria mends the curtains as Herry, now in his pajamas, goes to wash his hands. Maria jokes, "Don't break the soap!". He doesn't, but the faucet's handle comes right off in Herry's hand.
Cartoon "Water Conservation": Frank the fish calls Carl and tells him not to leave the water running while brushing his teeth, otherwise the lake will be dry.
Artist: Peter Chung
(First: Episode 2689)
Muppets / Celebrity Denyce Graves tucks Elmo into bed and sings him an Operatic Lullaby.
(First: Episode 3697)
Cartoon Noodles & Nedd make the bed.
Artist: John R. Dilworth
(First: Episode 3663)
SCENE 6 Maria repairs the faucet, and asks Herry to do things more gently. It's time for bed, but first Herry does his bedtime exercises. He reassures Maria that he's never broken anything when he does them. He decides to do his exercises -- ten sit-ups -- in bed...and his head and back break the bed! Herry wonders if the bed he's using has ever been tested...
Film "Doll House"
(First: Episode 0131)
Muppets Zoe and Big Bird display the number two, and point out how many things they have in pairs (eyes, feet, etc.).
(First: Episode 3449)
This was switched with the below segment during summer reruns.
Cartoon Egyptian #2
(First: Episode 3291)
This was switched with the above segment during summer reruns.
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster shares a pillow.
(First: Episode 1669)
Cartoon The moon listens to everyone say "Good night" in different languages.
(First: Episode 2243)
SCENE 7 As Maria kisses Gabi and Herry good night, Herry shows Maria Hercules. He shows how much he loves him by giving him a big hug -- and the doll's head pops off! Maria attaches it back, and Herry drifts off to sleep.
Muppets Elmo's World: Shoes
(First: Episode 3791)
SCENE 8 As Gabi and Herry sleep, Maria announces the sponsors.


Picture Segment Description
Muppets In the style of James Brown, Papa Bear and Baby Bear sing "Papa Bear's Hug."
This segment appeared before "Great Moments at the Sink" during summer reruns.
Film A girl's grandmother teaches Spanish to her parrot Kuka.
(First: Episode 3101)
This segment replaced the Two-Headed Monster sketch during summer reruns.
Muppets Elmo's World: Jackets
(First: Episode 3806)
This segment replaced Elmo's World: Shoes during summer reruns.

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