Sesame Street
The Really Big Thing Game
Air date February 17, 1999
Season Season 30 (1998-1999)
Written by Sonia Manzano
Sponsors B, 9
Syndication 123 Sesame Street
PBS Sprout


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Big Bird, Snuffy and Zoe welcome the viewer to Sesame Street, and Big Bird announces that they're going to play the Really Big Thing Game today. The object of the game is to find really big things on a specific list. Big Bird isn't sure that Zoe will like the game, because she's little instead of big, but she thinks she'll have fun. The first thing they must find on the list is a really big triangle. Zoe immediately goes off to find one.
Cartoon A man has a small octopus on his head, but a little boy has a big octopus.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3270)
Muppets "Telly Tut"
SCENE 2 Zoe knows where to look for a really big triangle ...
Cartoon A young bespectacled man with an accordion asks how much it costs to cross the bridge. The Bridgekeeper says admission is free, but requires that the young man show him three triangles. Two of them are found in the bridgework, and the man uses the bridgekeeper's staff to draw a third triangle in the dirt. Although the bridgekeeper has his order filled, he asks the man to play a tune on his accordion. This additional request takes the young man by surprise, but he is told to do so for the opportunity to cross the bridge.
(First: Episode 1572)
SCENE 3 Zoe runs into Telly while he's admiring his triangles, but she needs his help locating a really big triangle. However, his biggest triangles aren't big enough for Zoe; she needs a really big triangle. He remembers that his biggest triangle is so big it has to be kept in the garage, and goes off to fetch it. Zoe is amazed at the size of Telly's enormous triangle!
Song A voiceover sings about "Big Bigger Biggest" using clocks, ducks and saxophones to illustrate the concept.
(First: Episode 3731)
SCENE 4 Telly follows Zoe as he pushes the massive triangle forward.
Muppets Super Grover asks Baby Natasha, as Super Baby, to help him demonstrate big and little. But Super Baby won't sit still long enough -- she keeps flying around, and ends up crash-landing on his head.
(First: Episode 3698)
Cartoon Madrigal Alphabet
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 0615)
SCENE 5 Big Bird and Snuffy aren't satisfied with the size of their small triangle. They show Maria how small it is, and she offers to build them a bigger triangle using three pieces of wood.
Song "Some Things Are Little, Some Things Are Big"
(First: Episode 3537)
Celebrity Robin Williams demonstrates the uses of knees.
(First: Episode 2765)
Cartoon A boy dances with a tiger.
Artist: Karen Aqua
(First: Episode 3387)
SCENE 6 Telly continues to push the triangle forward as Zoe leads him.
Cartoon Knights use different words for "big."
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 1985)
Muppets Ernie's Show and Tell: Ernie and Daniel play the bongos.
Animation "Hammer Time with Hammer"
(First: Episode 3179)

SCENE 7 Maria finishes building the triangle for Big Bird and Snuffy, who think Zoe will be impressed with it. But compared to Telly's triangular rock, it's small.
Song Jerry Nelson sings "I'm the Big One Now."
(First: Episode 2876)
SCENE 8 The next thing they find on the list has to begin with the letter B. Zoe thinks she'll find it, and runs off.
Film Alphaboy: B - A bumpy bicycle ride.
(First: Episode 3401)
SCENE 9 Big Bird and Snuffy have gathered up a bib, a bagel and a banjo - none of which are very big. Snuffy suddenly realize that they do have something big: a Big Bird!
Film (song) Ornate Bs around the neighborhood and at the beach.
(First: Episode 3266)

SCENE 10 Big Bird and Snuffy come across Zoe waiting at the bus stop, where she is waiting for the really big B thing she's found: Wanda! But wait - Wanda starts with W, not with B! It turns out Wanda is a bus driver, who drives a big BUS. Zoe has now beaten Big Bird and Snuffy twice in a row. "I love this game!"
Cartoon A woman displays a BUS STOP sign to a crowd.
Artist: Irra Verbitsky
(First: Episode 1231)
Muppets The Two-Headed Monster gets MAD when it sees the word.
(First: Episode 1513)
Cartoon Two dots play hide-and-seek amongst different shaped blocks.
(First: Episode 0780)
SCENE 11 Big Bird and Snuffy are upset that Zoe keeps finding bigger things than they find, because they're big and she's little. Maria tells them that size doesn't matter when it comes to who plays the game, and they become motivated to try harder. Next on the list of big things they have to find is something that no one has ever seen before. What could that be? It looks like they'll have to cooperate on this one ...
Cartoon Musicians in a painting learn to cooperate to play music.
(First: Episode 3460)
Muppets The Count displays the number of the day, 9.
Cartoon Rubber Stamp #9
(First: Episode 2876)
Muppets The Count invites the viewer to count the horses' dinners ...
Cartoon "Dinner for Nine"
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(First: Episode 1658)
Muppets The Count says "One more nine!"
Cartoon Number Guy: "How Many Sheep Will Jump Over My Bed?" The answer is 9.
(First: Episode 3364)
SCENE 12 Maria wonders what kind of unseen big thing they're going to find, when all of a sudden, a really big creature emerges! The creature calls itself a "SnuffyZoeBirdagus," and it is actually made of Big Bird, Snuffy and Zoe. They're proud that they cooperated together, and they head off to Hooper's for lunch.
Muppets Elmo's World: Food
(First: Episode 3816)
SCENE 13 The "SnuffyZoeBirdagus" announces the sponsors and says goodbye.

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