Sesame Street
Telly and Rosita make up a hand-clapping game
Air date March 29, 2000
Season Season 31 (2000)
Written by Ian Ellis James
Sponsors F, 20
Syndication 123 Sesame Street
PBS Sprout


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Telly Monster welcomes the viewer, and announces the sponsors, F and 20. He then notices Tarah, Gabi and their friends in the arbor playing a complicated hand game called "Double, Double, This That." He wonders how they are able to do it so well, and attempts to do it by himself.
Cartoon A shy girl wants to join a group bouncing a ball. (audible dialogue)
Artist: Joanna Priestley
(First: Episode 2849)
Muppets Ernie and Rubber Duckie introduce the letter of the day.
(First: Episode 3813)
Cartoon The letter F morphs into cartoon faces.
(First: Episode 2916)
Film Alphaboy tickles his father's feet with feathers.
(First: Episode 3442)
Animation F / f (space paint)
(First: Episode 3215)
Song 14 Karat Soul sings "Hand Talk."
(First: Episode 2622)
SCENE 2 Telly is still trying the game by himself, and explains to Gordon what he's doing. The girls then decide to change the game, but instead of using the words "this" and "that", they use the parts of the word "hola." Telly's still worried that he can't learn the game ("What if my hands don't jive?"), so Gordon suggests he ask Tarah how to do the game.
Film Five girls play a clapping game.
(First: Episode 2763)
Muppets Ernie and Rubber Duckie introduce the number of the day.
(First: Episode 3786)
Cartoon The jungle creatures dance and form a 20.
Artist: Karen Aqua
(First: Episode 3835)
Film Growing Numbers #20
(First: Episode 2967)
Cartoon Number creatures #20
(First: Episode 2687)
Film Bill Irwin performs a dance called "Body Parts Cooperation," which is commented on by Biff and Roxie Marie.
(First: Episode 3624)
SCENE 3 The girls play the "Miss Mary Mack" clapping game, which Rosita notices when she passes by. Telly joins in with the girls and asks how the girls do their clapping games, and asks to learn how to do it. The girls don't mind teaching them... after lunch. (Telly: "How can you eat at a time like this? My hands crave the knowledge!... I hope she brings me back a sandwich.")
Animation In stop-motion, sandwich ingredients square-dance in a ring and arrange themselves into a sandwich, which gets a bite taken out of it in a refrigerator.
(First: Episode 3080)
Muppets The Anything Muppets cheer about the letter F.
(First: Episode 0094)
Film Alphaquest: F
A faucet finishes a fire, and flood of freaky fish.
(First: Episode 2759)
Muppets Ernie reads a poem about big and small, introducing a Teeny Little Super Guy segment.
(First: Episode 3808)
Animation Teeny Little Super Guy: Two boys are fighting over a swing. so Teeny Little SuperGuy shows them how to share.
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(First: Episode 1967)

SCENE 4 Telly continues trying to learn the games by himself with his "uncooperative" hands, and explains to Gordon that he's waiting for the girls. Gordon suggests that he make up his own handclapping game by coming up with a rhyme and putting some hand movements together. Rosita comes by, and Telly finds out that they both want to make up two different handclapping games! They argue on whose game is first.
Cartoon The Bellhop is sent to the grocery store to get twenty grapefruits. He counts to 20 on the way there so that he can remember the quantity, but forgets what item he was sent for.
(First: Episode 2533)
Animation Rubber Stamp #20
(First: Episode 2935)
Song "Get On Up and Move Your Body"
(First: Episode 3410)
SCENE 5 Telly and Rosita decide to take turns, and since Telly doesn't have his game ready yet, Rosita's first... but she's not ready either. Gordon suggests that they cooperate and make up a game together. They come up with an upbeat rhyme: "Monsters are great, monsters are cool! Monsters all rock, monsters all rule!" They chant it over and over.
Cartoon A man talks about how much he loves his bones.
Artist: Bruce Cayard
(First: Episode 2628)
Film Girls sing a jump-rope rhyme about naming a puppy.
(First: Episode 3279)
Muppets Elmo talks to the viewer about feelings, looking for someone who feels sad. He encounters Zoe, who feels proud, and Bert, who feels angry. He feels bummed about not finding anyone who's sad, until Big Bird points out how that makes Elmo feel.
Cartoon Boris and Saurus, best friends, fight over what they want on their pizza, and eventually make up.
SCENE 6 Telly and Rosita are still chanting their rhyme, and Gordon suggests it's time to add some hand movements. The monsters want it to be a surprise, and suggest that Gordon go for a little walk and come back later. Telly and Rosita come up with the right movements, each one coming up with equal parts of the movements. Excited, they practice their game.
Muppets Ernie asks Rubber Duckie what he wants to see next.
(First: Episode 3786)
Song "Me, M-E, Me!"
(First: Episode 3578)
SCENE 7 After Telly and Rosita finish practicing, Gordon and the girls return, and Tarah offers to teach Telly their game. Telly and Rosita reveal their new chant to everyone, and Tarah asks to learn it. All the girls agree, and Telly and Rosita teach everyone how to play their game.
Muppets Elmo's World: Dancing
(First: Episode 3801)
SCENE 8 Everyone plays the handclapping game over and over, and Gordon announces the sponsors, F and 20.

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