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Sesame Street
Rosita wants to find a best friend
Air date April 3, 2000
Season Season 31 (2000)
Written by Sonia Manzano
Production October 26, 1999
Sponsors H, 17
Syndication 123 Sesame Street
PBS Sprout


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird is friends with Snuffy, Linda is friends with Jack but Rosita doesn't have a best friend.
Film Cookie Monster sings "What is Friend?" over scenes of kids playing with their friends.
Cartoon H for hair
(First: Episode 0475)
Animation The letter H appears in words on buildings.
(First: Episode 3368)
Cartoon Soul H!
(First: Episode 3368)
Muppets Telly joins Ernie's pretend tea party, for which he invited the Friendly Giant, Cinderella and Super Adventure Boy.
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie and her cat Feff pretend to be each other.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3727)

SCENE 2 Rosita sees Herry Monster at the Fix-It Shop. Herry wants to play but Rosita is looking for a best friend. Herry is good at looking for something because he once lost his yo-yo string but then found it. They both go to the courtyard by racing. After Big Bird and Snuffy go and play tag in the courtyard, Rosita wants to do the same thing with Herry. So far they did one thing just like best friends:

Play tag like Big Bird and Snuffy.
Animation Two girls who jump rope look the same until they get colored with different skin, but they have the same reaction when their hair gets pulled.
(First: Episode 3780)
Muppets / Celebrity Elmo thinks that Whoopi's skin is a very pretty brown. Whoopi likes Elmo's soft red fur. Elmo admires Whoopi's bouncy hair, too. Elmo suggests that they trade, but Whoopi says that they can't -- it doesn't come off. But even if she could trade, she wouldn't want to. She likes her skin and her hair, and she wants to keep it. Elmo says that he wants to keep his fur, too.
(First: Episode 2746)
Muppets Zoe, in her Zoemobile, introduces the number of the day.
(First: Episode 3819)
Animation Parade of Numbers #17
(First: Episode 3368)
Animation Ornate 17s swing by.
(First: Episode 3319)
Cartoon Abstract count to 17.
(First: Episode 2820)

SCENE 3 At Hooper's Store, Alan cooks a drink in a blender for Linda and Jack. Rosita and Herry come in and want to share a drink (strawberry soda) just like Linda and Jack. So far they did two things just like best friends:

Play tag like Big Bird and Snuffy.
Share a drink like Linda and Jack.

Rosita and Herry wonder what should they do next… play with Herry's Dolly but he has to go home and get it. She sees Big Bird and Snuffy taking a breath after playing tag and wants to ask them questions about what best friends do!
Cartoon Two camels (voiced by David Rudman and Joey Mazzarino) at a watering hole learn to share.
(First: Episode 3528)
Muppets Zoe, in her Zoemobile, introduces an alphabet segment.
(First: Episode 3819)
Film Kids sing the alphabet on an island.
(First: Episode 3154)
Muppets Sesame Street Goes to Day Care
Telly and Baxter talk about triangles.
Film The floating kids form a triangle.
(First: Episode 3122)
Fido's birthday.jpg
Song "It's Fido's Birthday" - a song about a birthday party for a goldfish.
(First: Episode 3609)
Cartoon An elephant tries to remember Nigel (a cat's) birthday, succeeding after stringing together a series of clues.
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 3806)
SCENE 4 Rosita asks them a question: what things (other than sharing, and playing) do best friends do? Argue, but Big Bird tags Snuffy so they are off to play tag.
Cartoon Leanna and her best friend Sarah have a tea party which goes well at first, until they argue over which cupcakes are better.
Artist: ArtistMike
(First: Episode 3864)
Film H for Hat - kids try on different hats as camera shutters go off.
(First: Episode 3368)
Cartoon H for hello (voice of Gary Owens)
(First: Episode 0020)
Muppets Zoe introduces a Grover sketch.
(First: Episode 3836)
Muppets Grover sings "I Do Not Crawl Around Much Anymore."
(First: Episode 3536)
Film How to say "turtle" in sign language
(First: Episode 3339)
SCENE 5 Linda tells Maria and Jack about the time she hurt her finger but has to show Jack around Sesame Street. When friends get hurt the feel terrible says Maria when Rosita asks what does that mean. Herry comes back but falls making Maria right about terrible.
Film A girl uses an instant camera to take pictures of her friends, who demonstrate several emotions.
(First: Episode 3582)
Cartoon A white boy hangs out with his Latino friend.
(First: Episode 1471)
Muppets Betty Lou learns some Spanish words from her friend Carlos, including "Amigo."
(First: Episode 2042)
cut from the Sprout version
Film Kid mural painting #17
(First: Episode 3639)
Cartoon Number creatures #17
(First: Episode 2745)
SCENE 6 Linda says goodbye to Jack because the bus is coming. Herry has to go but fast has to ask here question to Maria which all answer Yes! Herry wants to stay since Rosita is his best friend, and together they sing a song about their friendship.
Muppets Elmo's World: Exercise
(First: Episode 3853)
SCENE 7 Maria says the sponsors as Herry and Rosita chant best friends.


Picture Segment Description
Cartoon The story of Tommy LaPlaid, the painter so sad until he discovered the joys of kicking his paints on the canvas.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3208)
This segment was added after scene 5 in the Sprout version.
Muppets Caribbean Anything Muppets sing about "Caribbean Air."
(First: Episode 2688)
This segment replaced "Amigo" in the Sprout version.


  • Although Rosita wants a best friend in this episode, she had already mentioned in Episode 3832 that Prairie Dawn was her best friend.

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