Sesame Street
Fluffy plays games
Air date April 18, 2000
Season Season 31 (2000)
Written by Cathi Rosenberg-Turow
Sponsors W, 6
Syndication 123 Sesame Street
PBS Sprout


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Alan welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, and goes outside to take the orders of Telly, Big Bird and Elmo, who are all deciding where to sit. Elmo wants to sit next to both Telly and Big Bird, but he's only next to Telly right now. Big Bird moves to the opposite side of the table to next to Elmo. Telly doesn't mind, because he can wave to Big Bird from where he's sitting. Big Bird then decides to sit back at his old seat, which Elmo objects to ...
Cartoon "Next To Song"
Artist: Jane Aaron
(First: Episode 2851)

Muppets / Celebrity Prairie Dawn hosts "Girl Talk," where she and her special guest, Margaret Cho, compete to see who has the heaviest thing in their backpack. They each pull out letters of the alphabet, but Prairie finally pulls out a piano and plays the Alphabet Song.
Cartoon Edgar Turtle sings "Hey Diddle Diddle." (new sound effects added)
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 2404)
SCENE 2 Telly solves the seating arrangement problem by switching places with Elmo, so that Elmo will be able to sit next to both him and Big Bird. Just then, Wolfgang pops up between Elmo and Telly, so they decide to let him sit between them.
Cartoon "Ooh What a Fabulous Party"
Artist: Sally Cruikshank
(First: Episode 3006)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie puts all his toys away and shows Bert how he remembers where Rubber Duckie is: it's under all his toys! He then proceeds to dig for his duckie, tossing all his other toys aside in the process, and making a mess again.
(First: Episode 3882)
Animation "Six Circus Balls"
Artist: Jane Aaron
(First: Episode 3001)
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie: Judge #6
(First: Episode 3887)
Film Six kids dance on a playground to the same beat.
(First: Episode 3819)
Cartoon A boy imagines his room turning into a jungle.
Artist: Karen Aqua
(First: Episode 2808)
SCENE 3 Bob makes sure that Patrick knows what a letter W looks like, and invites Elmo to play a W game with them. Oscar's elephant, Fluffy, also wants to play. Bob isn't sure it's the right game for an elephant, but Elmo still insists that Fluffy join. Bob asks if anyone can find anything beginning with W. Patrick spots a window, and Elmo and Fluffy go off to find another W object.
Film Alphaquest: W
(First: Episode 2712)

Muppets In a Dragnet parody, Sergeant Thursday and Ben hunt for a wanted W.
(First: Episode 0395)

SCENE 4 Elmo comes back with Wolfgang, pointing out that "Wolfgang" starts with W. Fluffy then sprays Bob with water, which makes him wet.
Animation W for water, wind, wave and wet
(First: Episode 3198)
Animation A girl's narration describing the city is illustrated with cutout animation.
(First: Episode 2838)
SCENE 5 Bob dries himself off, and proposes another game idea to Elmo and Patrick: this time, they have to find something that rhymes with Bert. Patrick points to his shirt, and Elmo goes off to find something.
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment — Megan shows Grover how to draw a triangle on the computer.
Film Looking for triangles in the city (Maria voiceover)
(First: Episode 2696)
Film Six children dance in a colorblock grid.
(First: Episode 3122)
Cartoon The Ringmaster displays six marvelous monkeys who do stunts. (new music & sound effects added)
Artist: Jeff Hale
(First: Episode 1289)
SCENE 6 Elmo passes Stinky, and Stinky lets him pick up some of his dirt.
Cartoon Alice Kadeezenberry has a hard time figuring out how to get around a mud puddle without getting dirty.
Artist: Paul Fierlinger
(First: Episode 3727)
Song "It's Time for a Rhyme"
(First: Episode 3151)

SCENE 7 Elmo comes back with Stinky's dirt, and Bob congratulates him. Fluffy also participates in the game, by giving Bob another squirt of water.
Animation Counting 1-10 and 10-0 (sneaky numbers)
(First: Episode 3696)
Muppets Monsterpiece Theater: "Howard's End"
(First: Episode 3263)
Cartoon "There's an Exercise That's Right" even for a snake.
(First: Episode 2962)

SCENE 8 Bob has another game idea: to show something you use when exercising. Elmo fetches his jump rope, and Patrick rides his tricycle. Bob looks into Oscar's can as Fluffy uses a diving board to dive into Oscar's pool, making a big splash, which gets Bob wet for the third time. Elmo remembers that he has to change the water in Dorothy's bowl, so he goes off to his world.
Muppets Elmo's World: Food
(First: Episode 3816)
SCENE 9 Bob dries himself off, and he and Patrick announce the sponsors.

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