Sesame Street
Plot Baby Bear's new parrot
Air date February 8, 2002
Season Season 33 (2002)
Written by Belinda Ward
Directed by Lisa Simon
Sponsors A, 6
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 A duck tries to quack a joke, but it can't stop laughing about it. Then Gordon suggests that they sing "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star," though substituting "ha-ha-has" for the lyrics.

Muppets Monster Clubhouse
Today's Snacktime is Milk, and a man arrives looking for a kazoo club meeting.
(First: Episode 3941)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 6
Five sheep and a duck arrive to celebrate that the Number of the Day is 6.
Film Wegman dogs ride canoes to illustrate the number 6.
SCENE 2 Telly plays with his hamster Chuckie Sue. Baby Bear arrives to tell him that Papa Bear has allowed him to have a pet. Telly assumes that it will be a hamster, but Baby Bear isn't sure if he wants a hamster.
SCENE 2, cont'd Elmo arrives with Dorothy and suggests getting a goldfish. Elmo says that Dorothy is singing The Alphabet Song.

SCENE 2, cont'd Since Gina is a veterinarian, Baby Bear asks her for advice. However, she is busy tending to all of Old MacDonald's animals. In song, Old MacDonald and his animals suggest a cow, a pig, or other farm animals.
SCENE 2, cont'd The Big Bad Wolf suggests to Baby Bear that he would make a great pet.
SCENE 2, cont'd Gordon discusses the problem with Baby Bear until Papa Bear arrives with a parrot. Baby Bear names him Ralph and teaches him to talk.
Film Elmo talks about Dorothy, and kids talk about their pets.

Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird sets off on a Journey To Ernie. First, Big Bird looks for Ernie's box across the tightrope.
Cartoon Sand creatures illustrate the song, "Sing," with vocals by Stephanie D'Abruzzo.
(First: Episode 3981)
Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird looks for Ernie's box by repeating a clapping pattern.
Film Angel Corella dances with the alphabet, while Telly, Zoe and Elmo name the letters.
(First: Episode 3785)
Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird looks for Ernie's box at the supermarket. We found him!
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie brings home a puppy, and asks Bert to guess what it is. Bert wants to name him Norman.
(EKA: Episode 2064)
Come back tomorrow for another Journey to Ernie.
Muppets The Letter of the Day: A
Cookie Monster locks the Letter A Cookie inside a safe, along with the key, to prevent himself from eating it. The plan almost works until Cookie eats the safe entirely: "the best laid plans of mice and men and Cookie Monster."
Film A for action, acrobat, art, artichoke, and applause.
(First: Episode 3266)
Cartoon A for Acorn
(First: Episode 1626)
Muppets Spanish Word of the Day: gato
A cow tries to help Rosita by illustrating gato, but she isn't a cat. Suddenly Little Murray Sparkles comes by and Rosita replies that this is what gato is.
Muppets Elmo's World: Bicycles
(First: Episode 3969)
SCENE 3 The duck is still laughing, so Big Bird helps him to read the sponsors. The full credit scroll follows.

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