Sesame Street
Big Bird gets hurt
Air date March 4, 2002
Season Season 33 (2002)
Written by Sara Compton
Sponsors H, 12


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird, Alan, and some Kids play "What Comes Next?" with some barnyard animals.
Muppets Monster Clubhouse
The Furry Feeling of the Day is Sad, and the monsters get chased by an Elephant.
(First: Episode 3941)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 12
After Count von Count learns that 12 is the number of the day, a tap dancing number 12 appears.
Film Ornate 12s sail through the air.
(First: Episode 3274)
Cartoon Clown Honking #12
(First: Episode 3210)

SCENE 2 Big Bird tries to play basketball with the big kids, but falls backward and hurts his ankle.

SCENE 2, cont'd Gina X-rays his foot and finds it's just a slight sprain, no bones broken. She tells him to rest with his foot up in the nest with an ice bag. Miles helps Big Bird get situated and tells him to ring the bell if he needs help.

SCENE 2, cont'd/
Big Bird "imagines" a segment about dancing feet.
(First: Episode 2601)

SCENE 3 Zoe, Rosita, and Elmo stop by the nest and offer to help. Zoe leaves Big Bird a horn, Rosita leaves him a maraca, and Elmo leaves a desk bell for him to use to call for help. Big Bird's ankle itches, so he decides to ask for help, but he accidentally pushes the table away with all the bells and whistles. He yells for help and Miles appears to help him scratch and to move the table back.

SCENE 3, cont'd After Miles leaves, Big Bird summons Zoe, Rosita, and Elmo to find out the letter of the day. They bring him a big letter H. He rings and shakes and honks for all three of them to find out the number of the day, and they bring him a nice big 12. They leave, but Big Bird forgot to thank them, so he sends for them again. All three of them are pretty tired by this point. Gina visits the nest and says Big Bird will be fine tomorrow.
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentGrover asks Sabrina about her missing tooth.
SCENE 4 Big Bird is sad because he can't play Journey to Ernie, so he imagines it.

Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird sets off on a Journey To Ernie. First, Big Bird asks the dinosaur to help him find Ernie's box.
(First: Episode 3984)
Film Wegman's dogs portray a check-up at the doctor's.
(First: Episode 3759)
Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird tries to catch Ernie's box using the penguins' pattern.
(First: Episode 3981)
Celebrity Denyce Graves sings "Sing" with some penguins.
(First: Episode 3848)
Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird looks for Ernie's box with the Martians' help. We found him!
(First: Episode 3981)
Muppets Ernie & BertBert and Ernie go fishing. Ernie catches fish by yelling "Heeeeere fishy, fishy, fishy!", and they come flying into the boat. Bert tries it, but only catches a shark.
(First: Episode 1641)
Come back tomorrow for another Journey to Ernie.
Muppets The Letter of the Day: H
Cookie Monster decides to hide the letter H cookie. He then finds a place to hide it: In his tummy!
Film The floating kids form H.
(First: Episode 3118)
Cartoon The letter H appears in words on buildings.
(First: Episode 3368)
Muppets Spanish Word of the Day: leche
Rosita drinks the word leche, the Spanish word for milk.
(First: Episode 3988)
Muppets Elmo's World: Weather
(First: Episode 3984)
SCENE 5 Big Bird uses his signals to call everyone for the closing, and Miles reads the sponsors.

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