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The Muppet Show
John denver and miss piggy.jpg
Guest John Denver
Production April 24-26, 1979
Premiere UK: December 14, 1979
NYC: September 20, 1979
Releases Best of the Muppet Show


John and Kermit invite the Muppets on a camping trip to Kermit's home, a weekend in the swamp. Everyone's about to make excuses -- but Miss Piggy informs them that they'll all be happy to go, unless they'd rather spend some time in the hospital instead. It turns out Piggy doesn't really understand the concept, and she packs suitcases full of evening dresses and high-heeled shoes. When Kermit tells her that she has to carry everything she packs, she's not sure she wants to go, particularly after the frog taunts them to go back to her home.



Picture Description
Cold Open: Waldorf stops by the dressing room to try and rescue John Denver from having to do the show. He is shocked to learn that John actually wants to appear on The Muppet Show.
"The Muppet Show Theme": When Gonzo tries to play his trumpet, his head explodes. He peeks back in, thrilled over this development.
Beauregard interrupts Kermit's introduction to report that he needs more time to construct the set for the opening number. It looks like a battlefield! Fortunately, it's supposed to, and the show goes on as planned.

A group of Whatnot soldiers sing an anti-war version of "Why Can't We Be Friends?" Representatives of several countries (and time periods) are there... as is Crazy Harry. Statler and Waldorf put an end to the song by shooting at the cast. Of course, they were shooting blanks... maybe.
Backstage, Kermit announces that John Denver has invited the Muppets on a weekend camping trip in the swamp. Everyone has an excuse not to go, from Scooter's basketball game to Gonzo's seminar on mildew. Miss Piggy, excited that a weekend in the swamp means an "overnight" vacation with Kermit, convinces everyone to go... by threatening to put them in the hospital.
John sings "Garden Song" amidst a garden of flowers and vegetables.

Miss Piggy expresses her excitement about their camping trip to Kermit. Kermit warns her that they will be roughing it, but she's prepared. She only plans to bring along four long dresses, a dozen pairs of shoes, and the list continues until Kermit stops her, saying that she has to carry everything she brings. He then uses Floyd's backpack to demonstrate the proper amount to bring along. Piggy refuses to go along if she has to carry her own luggage. That is, until Kermit agrees to give Annie Sue a swimming lesson when they arrive in the swamp. Then Piggy is all too eager to carry all her own belongings.
The Swedish Chef tries to prepare squirrel stew, but must first capture a squirrel. As he chases one about, he finds himself face-to-face with a cleaver-wielding bear.
401 gonzo john.jpg

Backstage, Gonzo asks John for advice since they're both in the same field. John tries telling him how to be a good singer, saying he must take care of his throat, but Gonzo stops him, saying he needs help with his garden: the world's biggest mold garden! The problem being his garden is plotting against him. When Gonzo leaves to take care of his garden, John sings a line of "Nobody Knows the Truffles I've Seen."
UK Spot: Miss Piggy sings "Trees" as a tree comments on her performance.
Three hiking pigs sing "The Happy Wanderer," but every time they sing the third "Valderah," something bad happens.
Miss Piggy shows off her designer collection hiking suit to John. John, having a bit of fun with the obviously unprepared Piggy, asks her if she's packed her snake bite kit. He then asks if she's packed a sharp stick to prop open the mouths of attacking alligators. John also warns her of the spiders which would, naturally, crawl into her boots in the middle of the night.
Miss Piggy races downstairs to confront Kermit about not warning her of the dangers in the swamp. He says he was saving those "dangers" as a surprise -- the best part about the swamp. Piggy says that he is out of his mind. Kermit, insulted, tells Piggy that they don't have to go back to his home, but rather they can go back to where she was born: the sty! "Where pigs eat swill! And wallow in the mud!" Piggy promptly karate chops Kermit to the stage.
John sings "Grandma's Feather Bed" with a bed full of Muppet kids and dogs.
At the closing, it's just John and Kermit off for the camping trip. John tries to comfort Kermit, telling him he'll teach him how to catch frogs. Kermit already knows all about John's frog-catching techniques (which involve the use of a flashlight), and claims that that is how his eyes got to be the way they are. Kermit backs out of the trip. Later, after the closing credits, he decides to invite Statler & Waldorf, who are not pleased!


  • Denver and the Muppets would eventually go on a camping trip in 1983's Rocky Mountain Holiday.
  • This episode was the first to feature a modified theme song with the lyrics "It's time to play the music, it's time to light the lights, it's time to get things started", this time, sung by both the men and the women, instead of individual lines for the men and women.
  • This episode is not included on Disney+ in Europe.



Kermit the Frog, Miss Piggy, Gonzo, Scooter, Statler and Waldorf, Whatnots, Floyd Pepper, Beauregard, Zeke, The Swedish Chef, Billy the Bear, Squirrels, Fungi, Tree, Pigs, Goat

Background Muppets:

Fozzie Bear, Crazy Harry, Slim Wilson, Flowers, Baskerville the Hound, Muppy, Afghan Hound, Wolfhound


Jim Henson as Kermit the Frog, Waldorf, the Swedish Chef, and Zeke
Frank Oz as Miss Piggy and Goat
Jerry Nelson as Floyd Pepper, Fungus, Tree, French Soldier, German Soldier
Richard Hunt as Scooter, Statler, Pig, French Soldier, and Billy the Bear
Dave Goelz as Gonzo, Beauregard, Pig, and WWI Soldier
Louise Gold as Annie Sue Pig
Steve Whitmire as WWI Soldier, Pig and Squirrel
Kathy Mullen as others


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