Air Date June 1, 1994
Written by Peter Ocko and Adam Barr
Director Brian Henson
Monster under the bed
Monster squash

Baby Sinclair complains of a monster under his bed, but the family doesn't believe him. One night while Fran and Earl are out, Charlene humors the baby by investigating his claim and is dragged into the monster's hole. Robbie and the Baby try to rescue Charlene, but they, too, are kidnapped. Just as they are about to be eaten, Robbie learns that the monster is angry at having his home (hole) built upon by the Sinclair's house. The whole crisis is resolved after the Baby suggests moving the house and the Sinclairs oblige.


Fran Sinclair refuses to let Baby Sinclair watch a horror movie on 50-Foot Vegetable Theater with Earl Sinclair and Robbie Sinclair and instead puts him to bed. Baby soon grows convinced that there is a monster under his bed. Fran and Earl try to convince him otherwise, but Baby insists that they stay with him until he falls asleep. He ends up staying up in terror all night and sleeping all day, wreaking havoc on Earl and Fran's sleep cycles.

Earl and Fran finally decide to stay a night at a motel to get some rest, leaving the kids on their own. Robbie and Charlene Sinclair plan to party, while Baby remains terrified of the monster under his bed. Charlene tries to convince him otherwise, and ends up getting pulled under the bed. Robbie, on pulling the Baby's bed aside, discovers a tunnel to an underground lair. He and Baby head in after Charlene, but end up getting captured by the monster who, complaining that the Sinclairs built their house on top of his own home, plans to eat the kids.

Earl and Fran return to the house after no one answers the phone and find the tunnel. The police are called in, and, after unsuccessfully trying to negotiate with the monster, plan to storm the tunnel. Baby stops this by suggesting that the Sinclairs move the house. The monster agrees to this solution, and the house is literally moved a short distance away.

Earl concludes that the moral of the incident is to believe anything an infant tells you, no matter how far-fetched. The family says this is ridiculous, and Earl agrees after Baby says there's a giant monster squash outside. However, an enormous squash actually is stalking around near the house.

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  • Taped on June 18, 1993
  • Starting with this episode, episode titles appear on-screen.

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