Bear in the Big Blue House
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Premiere September 9, 2002
Written by Mitchell Kriegman
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Community

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In the first part of "Welcome to Woodland Valley," viewers learn that a tragic event has happened in Woodland Valley --- a tree has fallen and ruined part of the village library. Everyone's upset about it, but the entire Woodland Valley community is pulling together to help out. When the kids of the Big Blue House, including Harry, find out, they decide to help in their own way. Viewers explore more of Woodland Valley than they've ever seen before, visiting the library, the post office, the general store and the mouse school that Tutter will be attending, among other locations.



  • This episode was created partly as a response to the World Trade Center attacks of September 11, 2001. Though there is no reference to the specific events, the episode uses the theme of a building being destroyed and a community coming together.[1]
  • Beginning with this episode, the opening sequence, theme, and closing sequence are changed. The opening sequence and theme now take viewers on a short tour of Woodland Valley before finishing at the Big Blue House.
  • Shadow does not appear in this part of the special, but at the beginning of Part 2.
  • The 2003 VHS and DVD release that contained this episode and Part 2 features a unique segue into Part 2 that cuts out the Goodbye Song, going straight into Bear turning off the light, and skipping the theme song (and removing the title card) for Part 2.[2] This was changed in the 2005 DVD release, which featured both episodes separately.


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