Sesame Street
Elmo and Zoe play "Follow the Leader"
Air date March 29, 2002
Season Season 33 (2002)
Written by Josh Selig
Directed by Emily Squires
Sponsors Z, 4


Picture Segment Description
SCENE 1 Big Bird, Snuffy and the kids play the "Do What You Rhyme" game, which Oscar refuses to join. As they come up with rhymes for "hop," Oscar tells them to stop, inadvertently helping them with the game.

Muppets Monster Clubhouse
The monsters count themselves and dance the Dance Until You Hear the Bell Dance. After naptime, they get chased by the Elephant and play the Which Monster is Missing game.
Muppets The Number of the Day: 4
Four Honkers show up after learning that the number of the day is 4.
(First: Episode 3982)
Cartoon Number Guy: ‘’’How Many Elephants Can You Fit in a Room?’’’ The answer is 4.
(First: Episode 3358)
Animation Four butterflies fly across a film of a waterfall.
(First: Episode 2834)

SCENE 2 Elmo and Zoe play "Follow the Leader" and both try to lead and follow at the same time, getting them nowhere. They take turns leading and following, showing off their dance moves. They now want someone else to lead them.
SCENE 2 cont'd The monsters come across Bob and make him their leader. They follow him as he sings "Sing After Me."

SCENE 2 cont'd Next, they follow Mary and her little lamb and pretend to be lambs. Mary has to go to school, but the monsters can't follow; they're too young. They then start following what Little Murray Sparkles does, but he falls asleep.

SCENE 2 cont'd The monsters now find Old MacDonald and his sick pig Eunice. They help bring him to Gina's and follow the Elephant, who's wearing a tutu and dancing.
Muppets / Film Big Bird plays peek-a-boo with Natasha, setting up interviews with kids on their favorite games.

Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird sets off on a Journey to Ernie. First, he asks the dinosaur to help him find Ernie's box.
(First: Episode 3984)
Muppets / Celebrity Garth Brooks, Herry Monster and a band of cowboy hat wearing monsters sing "Together We Make Music".
(First: Episode 3814)
Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird tries to catch Ernie's box using the penguins' pattern.
(First: Episode 3981)
Film Wegman dogs show in and out with a pool.
Muppets Journey to Ernie
Big Bird looks for Ernie's box with the Martians' help. We found him!
(First: Episode 3981)
Ernestine's First Word.JPG
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie tries to get baby Ernestine to say his name. It turns out she's much better at saying "Bert!"
(First: Episode 2586)
Come back tomorrow for another Journey to Ernie.
Muppets The Letter of the Day: Z, part 1
Cookie Monster stops himself from eating the Letter Z Cookie, for now.
(First: Episode 3986)
Animation A television reveals many Z words.
(First: Episode 3699)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: Z, part 2
Cookie builds a Great Wall of Cookie to separate himself from the Letter Z Cookie.
(First: Episode 3986)
Cartoon The Letter Z in various typefaces.
(First: Episode 2855)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: Z, part 3
Cookie busts through the brick wall and eats the Letter Z Cookie.
(First: Episode 3986)
Muppet/ Cast Spanish Word of the Day: flor
Maria smells different flowers, including Stinky the Stinkweed.
(First: Episode 3983)
Muppets Elmo's World: Telephones
(First: Episode 3870)
SCENE 3 Big Bird announces the sponsors while doubling as the new leader for Elmo and Zoe.

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