Sesame Street
The Big Bad Wolf's Brother, Leonard
Air date April 11, 2003
Season Season 34 (2003)
Written by Molly Boylan
Sponsors U, 11


Picture Segment Description

SCENE 1 Gordon and Miles put up a banner in honor of the number of the day - 11. Suddenly, the Three Little Pigs run through the area, tailed by the Big Bad Wolf, who huffs and puffs their banner down.
SCENE 1 cont'd Luis sorts through mail at the Mail It Shop, when the pigs run by. The Big Bad Wolf huffs and puffs, blowing all the mail everywhere.
SCENE 1 cont'd Elmo and Rosita make a letter U out of blocks and list off some U words. The Big Bad Wolf barges through in his chase and blows their letter apart. The monsters are very angry, but calm down and start rebuilding their letter.

SCENE 1 cont'd Just as they finish, a wolf comes by looking for his brother. Elmo and Rosita tell him to leave, as they don't want him blowing down their letter. Gina comes by and tells them to be more friendly. The wolf introduces himself as Leonard Wolf and assures them he's not into huffing and puffing; he prefers canasta, chess and Tai-chi. He sings to them that "If You've Seen One Wolf, you've not seen 'em all!"
SCENE 1 cont'd Leonard confronts his brother, telling him to steer clear of the monsters when he huffs-and-puffs. Big Bad promises and continues chasing the pigs. Elmo and Rosita then join Leonard in tap dancing and they crash into their letter U. They ignore it for now, having much more fun dancing. "I just love tappy endings," Gina says.
Song Everyone has the same feelings, "No Matter What." Kids of all types play with a huge beach ball.
(First: Episode 2782)
Celebrity When the monsters argue over which one of them will sing The Alphabet Song, the Secretary-General of the United Nations Kofi Annan arrives to resolve the dispute.
(First: Episode 3991)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 11
Balloons and confetti show up after The Count learns that the number of the day is 11.
(First: Episode 3987)
Cartoon A girl types the number 11 on a computer, matches it with another one, and sees 11 elephants.
(First: Episode 3885)
Animation Stephanie D'Abruzzo counts 11 birds.
Artist: Misseri Studio
SCENE 2 Big Bird and Snuffy play "Guess That Sound" by listening to the sounds of the street. They hear what sounds like a tap-dancing wolf, which they think is silly. Leonard dances by, confirming their guess.
Song "Look Who's Dancing"
(First: Episode 3665)
Muppets Journey to Ernie: Jungle
(First: Episode 4033)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentErnie presents Richie typing his name on the computer.
(First: Episode 3908)

Muppets / Film Global Grover:
In China, Grover has learned from Boyang who is training to be an acrobat. He shows a film about Chinese kids practice tricks at an acrobat school.
Cartoon Global Thingy: Dino's Hurry
Muppets The Letter of the Day: U
Cookie Monster puts the letter of the day, U, on a rocket and sends it away, but it comes back.
(First: Episode 3994)
Song "My Friend U"
(First: Episode 3705)
Cartoon Students raise their hands and name words that begin with "U."
Artist: Fred Garbers
(First: Episode 3553)
Muppets The Spanish Word of the Day: "Gracias" (alternate take)
Rosita presents the Spanish word for "Thank you," in response to thrown flowers and applause.
(First: Episode 4031)
Muppets Elmo's World: Computers
(First: Episode 3916)
SCENE 3 Big Bird displays the sponsors, made from blocks. The Three Little Pigs come by and assure Big Bird the Big Bad Wolf isn't around to wreck them. One pig's feather allergy gets to him though and he sneezes the blocks apart.

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