Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 20, 1986
Written by David Young
Director Norman Campbell
Behind the Scenes at Fraggle Rock "Sidebottom Blues"

Behind the Scenes at Fraggle Rock "Sidebottom Blues"

Boober is concerned that his friends think he's no fun, so he lets his alter ego Sidebottom take control. Now calling himself "Dr. Fun," Boober leads the Fraggles on games through the Gorgs' Garden. However, Junior Gorg is making bonkleberry stew, so Wembley has a bonkleberry attack.

Meanwhile, Doc is chosen by Ms. Ardath to speak at a party that a bunch of traveling retired captains will be attending.

Fraggle Facts

  • Wembley has such a bad bonkleberry allergy that the smell of bonkleberries makes him bonk, and touching one will cause him to lose consciousness. It is unknown what would happen if he ate one.

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