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Air Date June 22, 1994
Written by Peter Ocko and Adam Barr
Director Tom Trbovich


The Council of Elders is convened to determine answers to the Great Question of Life, and the answer is found to be Potatoism. Soon it's stake-and-potatoes for Robbie and Earl, when Robbie rejects the Elders' wisdom, and the duo is sentenced to be burned as infidels. A gust of wind extinguishes the fire, and with it dies the dinosaurs' belief in the message of the Great Potato.

Guest Stars


  • Taped on July 28, 1993
  • The title is a spoof on the feature film, The Greatest Story Ever Told.
  • In the theme sequence, the sound effects are removed.

Seen on TV

  • TGYWA (Thank Goodness You'll Watch Anything)
  • Livin in a House!
  • DNN Special Report

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