Air Date June 29, 1994
Written by Adam Barr, Tim Doyle, Jane Espenson, Peter Ocko
Director Jeff McCracken
Driving miss ethyl

Fran forces Earl to drive Ethyl to her 60th year high-school reunion. During the drive, their normal fighting and bickering ensue. Once at the reunion, Ethyl discovers that she is the only person from her class still living. Earl senses Ethyl's hurt and softens toward her. The family is in shock once Earl and Ethyl return being polite to one another. Meanwhile, with Earl gone, Fran tries to gather the rest of the family for a family portrait, and they end up at each other's' throats.

Guest Stars


  • Taped on September 21, 1993
  • Ethyl's friends whom she expected to be reunited with at the reunion are named Dorothy, Rose and Blanche, a reference to the characters of The Golden Girls.

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