Fraggle Rock
Air Date January 27, 1986
Written by Jerry Juhl
Director Norman Campbell

Uncle Matt returns home from Outer Space. He runs in scared, because of the "Face-eraser" which is actually Doc spray-painting a lawn gnome.

Matt doesn't get the respect that he's due... until he makes another amazing discovery, a room full of magic archways that can transport him all over Outer Space.



Matt and Gobo briefly stepping into Outer Space.

  • When Gobo and Matt visit Australia and see kangaroos, Matt recognizes them as "Hopping Creatures". However, when Matt encounters kangaroos for the first time, as shown in the episode "New Trash Heap in Town," he believes they are transportation systems.
  • Just like "Uncle Matt Comes Home," the previous episode in which Uncle Traveling Matt returns to Fraggle Rock, Boober hardly makes an appearance, only appearing in the first few minutes. This is very likely due to the fact Dave Goelz is needed to perform both Boober and Uncle Traveling Matt. They do appear together in Boober's last scene this episode, but Boober doesn't speak and was likely puppeteered by someone else.
  • This is the only episode not to traditionally end with Doc and Sprocket.


Video releases

99. Discovery 4

BJ paints the gnomes (UK version)

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