Air Date July 6, 1994
Written by Tim Doyle
Director Mark Brull

Winston, representing B.P. Richfield.

When Earl is injured on the job upon the workers working overtime and asks for a few days off, B.P. Richfield refuses and fires him instead. Robbie and Fran trick Earl into suing the WESAYSO Corporation for his $800 medical expenses. After a brief trial, Earl is ecstatic at the jury's award of $800 million. Earl begins to spend lavishly and behaves badly. Stung by the judgment and blaming Earl, Richfield announces massive layoffs and raises consumer prices. Earl doesn't see it that way and is happy with his new life. He is able to afford luxuries such as a tuxedo, a solid golden vehicle, champagne, and expensive food.

It is announced that millions of dinosaurs are suffering and supermarket products have extremely high prices, such as a loaf of bread costing $300. Roy asks for $15,000 to pay for his house rent offering to do yard work for the Sinclair family, and Sid holds a "Will Work For Food" sign pleading for water to Fran. Earl complains and refuses to give his friends any money, and even Robbie attempts to convince Earl to give back the money. Earl and Robbie offer B.P. Richfield the $800 million back, but when they tell they will only give it back if Richfield hires back all workers and lowers down prices back to normal. Richfield refuses, which Earl is relieved of since he plans to keep all the money. Earl accidentally reverses his golden vehicle and bumps Richfield's office trailer. Richfield screams out he has whiplash and that he'll sue, putting the Sinclair family and Richfield with his mother into court. The judge D.X. Machina is outraged when the jury claims Richfield must be paid back $800 million by Earl. The jury award that Earl won is returned back to WESAYSO while Richfield hires all workers and reduces back all consumer prices to normal. Fran asks if he's disappointed, but Earl disagrees, saying he is excited about cake when the court confirms a wedding.

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  • Taped on August 25, 1993
  • This is one of two episodes where Charlene Sinclair does not appear, the other being "Swamp Music".
  • Even though Charlene does not appear in this episode, she is still credited in the ending credits.

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