Bear in the Big Blue House
406 When Harry Met Hallie
Premiere November 4, 2002
Written by Doug Cordell
Director Tom Guadarrama
Theme New Baby
Hallie from anney

Hallie, freshly hatched.

Harry visits the Big Blue House with big news --- his Mama has laid an egg and it's going to be hatching really soon! Everyone in the Big Blue House is excited about the hatching. They pay Mama Duck a visit, but then return to the Big Blue House to give her some peace. Harry is excited at first to be a big brother, but doubt begins to creep in when the kids at the Big Blue House tell him some of the things they've heard about babies. It starts to seem like there isn't going to be any time for him. He recalls their predictions as Doc Hogg unconsciously talks him out of his favorite toy and Treelo draws a picture -- not for him, but for the baby.


  • Lucky Day, Ducky Today
  • Someone to Look Up to You


  • Harry's little sister, Hallie, is born in this episode. Mama names her this after her babushka, Halinska.
  • In his debut, Harry said he already had siblings, but in this episode, they're not seen nor mentioned. 


  • The title of this episode references the film When Harry Met Sally
  • Harry's favorite toy, Swanny, performs a tune with lyrics that are a riff off of the Irish folk tune "Danny Boy."

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