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Sesame Street
Snuffy's Invisible, part 2
Air date April 22, 2004
Season Season 35
Written by Judy Freudberg and Molly Boylan
Sponsors O, 14
Releases Online Streaming


Picture Segment Description
Intro My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Maria Torres
Torres speaks about the diversity on Sesame Street inspiring her as an aspiring dancer and choreographer. A clip of Celia Cruz and Big Bird is shown.
SCENE Elmo welcomes the viewers to Sesame Street as he rides on Snuffy, who is still invisible since the last episode. Big Bird says that they are going to the Mail It Shop to see if the magic ukulele is fixed so that Snuffy can be visible again. When they arrive and ask Maria, she says that the ukulele isn’t back from being fixed.
SCENE, cont'd Maria gives Tiny Tim’s Ukulele Repair a call and Miss Vicki answers the phone. Maria asks her if Snuffy’s ukulele has been fixed, but Vicki replies that it needs a Super-Molecular-Spanader and she can’t find it. When she does find it, she will let Maria know. Maria tells Snuffy the bad news and replies that she needs to get back to work.
SCENE, cont'd To pass the time, Elmo suggests that they sing the Alphabet song. Snuffy can’t wait to sing because he loves the alphabet, but then he wonders if an invisible Snuffleupagus could sing the song? Big Bird suggests they find out and they all sing the song. After they sing, they realize he can sing the song. At that moment, Elmo's Mom calls Elmo and tells him that they are going to the library now. Snuffy helps Elmo get off of him by having Elmo slide down his back. As Elmo goes off, Big Bird suggests that they go back to the Mail-It shop to see if the ukulele has been fixed.

SCENE, cont'd When they learned that the ukulele is still not fixed, Snuffy wonders what he looks like invisible. He asks Maria for a mirror and she brings him one that Alice was going to send to Wonderland. After looking through the mirror and not seeing himself, Snuffy decides that he doesn’t like being invisible. At that moment, the phone rings. Miss Vicki has some bad news. She cannot find a Super-Molecular-Spinator and tells her she cannot fix the ukulele. When Maria tells Big Bird and Snuffy the bad news, they realize that Snuffy would be invisible forever. Maria tells them not to worry while she goes to check the internet for a solution.
SCENE, cont'd Snuffy becomes sad and he and Big Bird start to sing, "Who Will Be My Friend?" Big Bird assures Snuffy that they are still best friends, no matter if Snuffy is invisible forever.

SCENE, cont'd Just then, the phone rings and Maria answers it. Miss Vicki tells Maria that she found a Super-Molecular-Spinator and that the ukulele will be delivered right now. After the Tiny Tim's Uke Repair delivery man gives Maria the fixed ukulele, Snuffy plays it again and is now visible. After that, Snuffy says he doesn’t want to be invisible again and gives Maria the ukulele. Then Big Bird and Snuffy go back to their game of tag.

SCENE, cont'd At that moment, Bob comes out of his apartment and notices the ukulele. He plays it and becomes invisible, then he plays it again and becomes visible. Not knowing the magic of the ukulele, he comments that it’s a nice ukulele and goes off.
Film Cookie Monster sings "What is Friend?" over scenes of a kid playing with his friend.
(First: Episode 3886)
Cartoon Bobby's dog narrates why Bobby is sad.
(First: Episode 3455)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: O
Prairie Dawn assures Cookie Monster that the letter O is not a cookie and does her best to intervene, but he eats it anyway as a means of "making sure." Oh!
Cartoon Soul O
(First: Episode 3375)
Film The letter O is in the house tonight! A man break-dances around the letter O.
(First: Episode 4030)

Muppets Journey to Ernie: Beach
Big Bird searches for Ernie at the beach.
(First: Episode 4034)
Muppets Ernie & BertBert is reading a book about air, and tells Ernie that air moves things. Ernie decides to verify that with his electric fan, which blows Bert's book away - so that Bert can play baseball with Ernie.
(First: Episode 3552)

Muppets Global Grover: G'day! Grover returns from Australia. In his film, Emily and her family fulfill the role of wildlife rescue volunteers.
Afterwards, Grover looks for an animal he can assist and rescue. All the animals rebuff him, however, and he collapses from frustration. Soon, he finds himself the one being rescued!

Cartoon Global Thingy
The globe is making bread for himself. When his bird pal looks at it hungrily, the globe gives it to him. When more of the globe’s friends come back hungrily for the bread, the globe teaches them how to make the bread so that there is enough bread for all of them to have.
(First: Episode 4047)
Muppets / Celebrity Erykah Badu introduces herself to Elmo, Baby Bear, Zoe and Rosita, who are hesitant to join her at first, but they end up singing "We're All Friends."
(First: Episode 3712)
Cartoon Crayons play together.
(First: Episode 3105)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 14
The number 14 emerges from a cannon after The Count learns that it is the number of the day.
(First: Episode 3988)
Cartoon Traction Jackson makes 14 baskets.
Film Kid mural painting #14
(First: Episode 3613)
Muppets Elmo's World: Getting Dressed
(First: Episode 4010)
Insert The Adventures of Trash Gordon:
Chapter 538
Planet Oink: Trash is bothered by a gang of oinking pigs, until he puts on his earmuffs.

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