Sesame Street
Not a Grouchy Day
Air date April 27, 2004
Season Season 35
Written by Belinda Ward
Sponsors Q, 16
Releases Online Streaming


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Harvey Fierstein
He talks about the importance of Sesame Street showing a "soft, gentle love" to children. A clip of Kermit and Joey reciting the alphabet is shown.

SCENE Oscar welcomes the viewers and says we are just in time because he knows something grouchy is going to happen today. He sings “Something Grouchy” and explains how he can tell because his pig beings to oink, his worm begins to squirm, and his trashcan starts to shake. Then he calls Grundgetta to come over because he feels something grouchy was going to happen, but she is busy taking her mud bath and doesn’t believe Oscar. She hung up on him and it made Oscar feel grouchy, but he feels something grouchier is coming.
SCENE, cont'd Just then Baby Bear and Curly Bear walk by with some paper and crayons. Oscar overheard Baby Bear’s talk and learns that Baby Bear is teaching Curly Bear how to draw. Oscar felt his trash can start to shake and feels this is something that is going to be grouchy. However, Baby Bear doesn’t agree and sings, “Something Nice.” As they left, Oscar declares, “Let the Grouchiness begins,” and follows them.


SCENE, cont'd Out in the arbor, Baby Bear is about to teach Curly Bear how to draw, when Curly Bear grab one of Baby Bear’s crayon and shouts “Mine!” Oscar heard Curly Bear and knew something grouchy was going to happen. Baby Bear explains to Oscar that he has to ask politely for Curly Bear to give back his crayon. However, Curly Bear runs off with the crayon and Baby Bear had to catch her. Oscar is delighted by this and calls up Grundgetta on his Smellphone to come down here. By the time Grundgetta arrives, Baby Bear lets Curly Bear keep the crayon and finds another one. Grundgetta is disgusted at what she saw and is mad at Oscar for bring her to see something nice. Then she went back to her mud bath as Oscar tries to explain to her.

SCENE, cont'd As Baby Bear finds another crayon he can use, Curly Bear suddenly grabs the whole box of crayon. Baby Bear tries to explain to Curly Bear that if she takes all the crayons then he won’t be able to draw, but Curly Bear runs off with the box and Baby Bear had to catch her again. Oscar is delighted by this and calls Grundgetta again. Hearing the news, Grundgetta comes down again, but finds Baby Bear about to teach Curly Bear how to share by singing “Wee Little Sharing Song.”
SCENE, cont'd As Grundgetta was about to go back to her mud bath after seeing something nice again, Oscar stops her and assures her that things will be better. As Curly Bear draws, Baby Bear is impressed that she is drawing her first picture and feels proud to be drawing with her. At that moment, Curly Bear started drawing on Baby Bear’s picture and shouts, “My Picture!” Horrified, Baby Bear tries to stop Curly Bear as Oscar and Grundgetta were delighted at what they saw. Grundgetta agrees with Oscar that something grouchy did happen today and thinks that Baby Bear will tell Curly Bear to scram. However, Baby Bear told them that he wasn’t going to tell her to scram because Curly Bear doesn’t know how to share and he’s just teaching her how to. So Baby Bear lets Curly Bear draw on his picture and he would start a new drawing.


SCENE, cont'd Grundgetta is mad at Oscar for bring her to see something nice and says that she feels rotten. As Oscar agrees with her, he noticed his trashcan was shaking, his pig was beginning to oink, and Slimey started to squirm. He suddenly realized all this niceness was making them feel rotten and Grouches love to feel rotten. Grundgetta agrees with him and never realized how rotten she feels now. As they enjoy how rotten they feel, Baby Bear tells Curly Bear that for grouches, they have a nice relationship. Curly Bear kiss Baby Bear on the nose as Baby Bear laughs and Oscar and Grundgetta groan at what they saw.
Song Jerry Nelson sings "I'm the Big One Now."
(First: Episode 2876)
Muppets / Cast Bob appears on the Dr. Feel show as Dr. Feel tries to figure out how Bob feels.
Cartoon "Felines"
(First: Episode 3278)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: Q
Cookie Monster eats the little stemmy part of the Letter Q Cookie, and Prairie Dawn thinks it is the letter O.
(First: Episode 3982)
Cartoon A page (David Rudman) tries to make way for Queen Quagmire, but a duck gets in his way.
Aritst: David Wachtenheim
Film Girls do a hand-clap game about the letter Q.
(First: Episode 3322)
Muppets The Spanish Word of the Day: Casa
(First: Episode 3991)
Muppets Journey to Ernie: One of These Things
Big Bird looks for Ernie in a land full of animated boards for the classic song/game.
(First: Episode 4062)
Muppets / Celebrity Ernie and Aaron Neville sing "I Don't Want to Live on the Moon."
(First: Episode 3242)

Muppets Global Grover:
Grover has just swum back to Sesame Street from Jamaica where he learned how to tie-dye a shirt, but he lost his shirt in the process. In the film clip, a Jamaican boy's neighbor is teaching him and other kids how to tie-dye a shirt by tying, boiling water, and using bottles and rocks. The colorful shirts are hung to dry until they can be worn. (First: Episode 3140)
When the live-action sequence ends, a shark comes up to Grover wearing Grover's missing shirt. He offers to give Grover a lift back to Jamaica so that he can tie-dye another one.
Animation The clay cavemen try to avoid the rain, and wind up sharing an umbrella.
(First: Episode 4033)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 16
A beauty queen 16 appears after 16 is announced to be the number of the day.
(First: Episode 3997)
Film Kids paint a mural of the number 16.
(First: Episode 3625)
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie: Judge #16
(First: Episode 3925)
Muppets Elmo's World: Drawing
(First: Episode 3859)
Insert The Adventures of Trash Gordon:
Chapter 453
Planet Stuck-in-the-Muck: Trash frees a duck from being stuck on a mucky rock - but then becomes stuck himself.

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