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Sesame Street
Miles' band needs a quiet place to practice
Air date May 5, 2004
Season Season 35 (2004)
Written by Belinda Ward
Sponsors W, 5


Picture Segment Description
Intro My Favorite Sesame Street Moments: Maria Greene
Maria, who grew up in Trinidad, describes how she likes the way Sesame Street teaches diversity. A clip from the song "Pride" is shown.

SCENE Big Bird welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, and points out how important it is to practice - which Miles and his band are doing. Big Bird asks if he can listen to them practicing while he reads his nursery rhymes, but Miles finds it difficult if Big Bird reads out loud.

SCENE, cont'd Just as they start practicing their song, something falls from the sky! It turns out to be the cow that jumped over the moon. Miles points out to his band that these things happen sometimes on Sesame Street. Big Bird and the cow finish the rhyme together, and the cow leaves.

SCENE, cont'd Miles and the band start practicing again, when "The Man in Brown" emerges, calling for his pig that flew up in the air. Big Bird says he was just reading about him (in the rhyme "Hickory Dickory Dare"), and after he finishes the rhyme, the pig falls from the sky and lands on one of Tony's cymbals. Miles thinks they should practice somewhere else, but Big Bird leaves to go read in his nest. The man and the pig follow him.

SCENE, cont'd Just as the band begins practicing again, Elmo shows up with a letter W, saying it's time for the Letter of the Day - something else they do on Sesame Street. Elmo shows the words wet, wash and wubba.
SCENE, cont'd Zoe interrupts band practice once again, to display the Number of the Day, 5. She counts the band members plus herself, which equal five.
SCENE, cont'd Just when they think their interruptions are over, the cow comes falling down from the sky again, and recites the "Nursery Rhyme of the Day," which is Hey Diddle Diddle. However, the man in brown shows up again as well, and argues with the cow over which one is today's nursery rhyme ... right as the pig falls down on both of them. Miles and the band agree to find somewhere else to practice.
SCENE, cont'd Oscar gives the band permission to practice in his trash can. Miles doesn't think they can do it, but Oscar says lots of bands practice in his trash can, such as N*Stynk. Miles thinks it's unusual for Oscar, a Grouch, to let them practice there, but Oscar claims to be a music lover.


SCENE, cont'd Gordon overhears music coming from inside Oscar's trash can, and sees Miles pop out. Miles likes practicing there so far. Oscar assures them it'll get better, and for him, it does, because N*Stynk and Phlegminem show up for band practice, thus making it too loud and stinky for Miles' band to practice.
SCENE, cont'd Gordon knows just the place for them to practice ...

SCENE, cont'd ... the rooftop of 123 Sesame Street. Just as they get set up, Big Bird and Elmo show up again, to watch them and clap. Rosita, Zoe, a Dinger, some kids, the falling cow, the falling pig, and Oscar even show up.

SCENE, cont'd Miles and the band play "It's Everybody's Home." Everyone cheers, but Oscar, the heckler, does what he does best.
Muppets Muppet & Kid Moment β€” Grover talks to Tamara about playing instruments.
Animation Colored birds bring color to a paper world as "Frère Jacques" plays.
(First: Episode 3983)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: W
Cookie Monster decides to take his mind off eating the letter of the day cookie by naming words that begin with W. Prairie Dawn shows up but Cookie Monster is too deep in thought to notice her. When she finally gets his attention, he eats the cookie.
(First: Episode 3992)
Film A man dances in a W costume on the beach.
(First: Episode 3606)
Celebrity Larry King interviews the letter W.
Muppets The Spanish Word of the Day: MΓΊsica
Rosita and Miles play their guitars as they demonstrate the Spanish word for "music."
Song A hip-hop/dancehall call-and-response song.

Muppets Journey to Ernie: Dancing
Big Bird looks for someone who can do Ernie's dance.
(First: Episode 4063)
Muppets Ernie puts all his toys away and shows Bert how he remembers where Rubber Duckie is: it's under all his toys!
(First: Episode 3882)

Muppets Global Grover
Grover comes back from Argentina, where they make candy out of chocolate and mazapan.

Cartoon Global Thingy
No one will play with Alien Thingy until he gets their ball down from the tree.
(First: Episode 4039)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 5
Five bats show up when the Count reveals that 5 is the number of the day.
(First: Episode 3998)
Song A toucan leads numbers, children, frogs and fruit as they sing "Go Down Emmanuel Road."
Music: Dan Zanes and Friends
Film Two girls count to 5 as they clap.
(First: Episode 3007)

Insert Telly Monster rushes over to Hooper's Store, asking Alan to turn the TV on so he can watch "TriangleBob TrianglePants" on Trianglodeon. Alan finds the program surprisingly amusing.
Muppets Elmo's World: Music
(First: Episode 3824)
Insert The Adventures of Trash Gordon
Chapter 648
Planet Huff-and-Puff: Trash handles the wind of a Big Bad Wolf by fighting air with air.

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