Bear in the Big Blue House
410 At the Old Bear Game
Premiere September 30, 2002
Written by Noel MacNeal
Director Dean Gordon
Theme Heroes

Pip and Pop absolutely love baseball. They collect baseball cards and are especially obsessed with Ferret Jeeter, whom they believe to be capable of any sort of amazing feat. They declare Ferret Jeeter to be their hero and take little notice of Bear's attempts to tell them that he knows Ferret Jeeter. After all, everyone knows Ferret Jeeter. But it turns out that Bear really does know him personally; he and Ferret were classmates (and teammates) at Hazelnut High. Bear invites Ferret over to the Big Blue House, where he teaches the gang some things they never knew about Bear.



  • Bear gives his collection of baseball cards to Pip and Pop. Included in the album are cards of a few more players with spoof names --- Joe DiMagpie, Willie Neighs and Jackie Robinsegg, which, respectively, are plays on the names of baseball greats Joe DiMaggio, Willie Mays and Jackie Robinson.

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