Air Date Unaired
Written by Jane Espenson
Director Jeff McCracken

Wesaysoland, the dream...


...and the reality.

The Sinclairs vacation at WESAYSOLAND, known for its lovable mascot, Moola the Cash Cow. The family is engulfed in the usual horrors and frustrations associated with amusement parks: unbearably long lines, rides that aren't working or are under construction, overpriced merchandise, food, hotels, etc. Miserable, the Sinclairs decide to leave, but discover they are trapped since they purchased a 14-day vacation package. Instead of returning to the park, the family stay in the hotel and bond. Much to their surprise, they find they actually enjoy each other's company.


WESAYSO workers keep dropping dead of exhaustion, so the government implements two weeks of vacation to help them take a break from work. Fran suggests that the Sinclairs go to the rustic Swamp Cabins in order to bond as a family. Richfield tells Earl of a new WESAYSO project that has gone into effect with the vacation: a theme park. He gives Earl a brochure, with various children's amusements highlighted, to give Baby. Soon, Baby's loud insistence on going to WESAYSOLAND forces the family to take their vacation there.

The Sinclairs soon discover that the park is not all it's chalked up to be. Much of the park is still under construction, there are absurdly long lines for things such as stroller rental, the overpriced food features fare such as "Ice on a Stick" (which has melted and is newly sold as "Wet Stick"), and the hotel charges guests for as many things as possible, including electricity. Earl tries his best to enjoy it, but admits that he is as miserable as the rest of the family. As they try to leave, they are shut in by an electric gate and forced to spend the rest of their vacation in the park.

The family, paralyzed by boredom, entertains thoughts of escape. Fran says the park would have already thought of any possible ways to get out and says that they'll have to come together as a family to survive the vacation. Using various items, they create a game and end up growing closer to one another, having a good time after all.

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  • *This episode is from a batch of seven episodes which did not air on ABC, and premiered in syndication on local stations. These episodes also aired on Disney Channel.
  • Taped on August 4, 1993

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