Sesame Street
Abby Cadabby's first day of school
Air date August 15, 2006
Season Season 37 (2006)
Written by Christine Ferraro
Directed by Emily Squires
Sponsors C, 2
Releases Ready for School!, HBO Kids, Online Streaming


Picture Segment Description

SCENE Elmo is in the Fix-It Shop having the windmill in Dorothy's fishbowl fixed. Baby Bear comes in and asks where Abby Cadabby is: It's her first day at the Storybook Community School! Abby soon appears, and she and Baby Bear get ready to go. Elmo looks forward to hearing about the experience when they get back.


SCENE, cont'd They arrive at school and receive a warm welcome from Mrs. Goose, the teacher. Inside she leads the class in a welcome song, and introduces Abby to the other storybook characters in her class. Unfortunately, she then disappears!
SCENE, cont'd Back at the Fix-It Shop, Luis is putting the finishing touches on Dorothy's windmill. With a flash, Abby appears and tells Elmo about her day so far. She then "zaps" herself back to school.
SCENE, cont'd After Abby reappears at school, it's time for show and tell. Mary shows off her lamb's animal impressions. Abby is unsure about what to show, but Baby Bear suggests her wand.
SCENE, cont'd Rather than directly heeding his advice, Abby "zaps" herself back to Sesame Street, where Elmo and Luis give her the same advice. Unfortunately, Elmo accidentally taps himself with the wand, and disappears himself!

SCENE, cont'd Over at school, Abby's classmates again fret about her unexpected disappearance. Suddenly a flash appears; but it isn't Abby, it's Elmo! Abby reappears again herself a few seconds later, and comes up with a new idea: To show Elmo for show and tell! Mrs. Goose agrees, and leads the class in another recital of the welcome song.
The entire street scene can be viewed at SesameStreet's YouTube Channel. (YouTube)
Song A boy gets ready for school as a song plays: "Get Up" (to the tune of Outkast's "Hey Ya").
Muppets The Letter of the Day: C
Prairie Dawn and Cookie Monster introduce the letter of the day. While he doesn't intend to eat the letter, Cookie Monster does note that "C" stands for cookie...eventually leading him to do just that.
(First: Episode 4106)
Cartoon "C in Space".
Artist: Gene Barretta
(First: Episode 3729)
Film Various "C" words are found throughout a yard.
(First: Episode 3590)
Muppets The Spanish Word of the Day:
Professor Grover calls the kids into his courtyard classroom, to learn the Spanish word escuela. He says that the word means where they are now, a "fish bowl", to which kids reply "no!", and reply that it means "school". After class is dismissed, a yellow and orange fish swims up to Grover, asking if he was late for escuela. Grover shrugs, as the two look towards the camera, commenting, "Well, fish do swim in schools."
(First: Episode 4053)
Film The word "school," accompanied by a fast film of school scenes.
(First: Episode 3278)
Cartoon Healthy Food Cartoon: Apple
(First: Episode 4083)
Insert Elmo sings "Riding a Tricycle" while pedaling down Sesame Street.
(First: Episode 4083)
Film Lindsey practices her basketball shooting with Steph.
(First: Episode 3517)
Muppets Muppet & Kid MomentPapa Bear asks Antonio what his favorite sport is, and they talk about exercise.
(First: Episode 4083)
Muppets Ernie and Bert: Ernie sings "The Ding-Along Song" with the Dingers, much to Bert's annoyance.
Film A rhythm is made of breaking eggs, door slams, cans dropping, ice, and feet stepping.
(First: Episode 3682)
Cartoon "This is the Game Today"
Film What is it? An ear!
Transition Bouncing ball
Film What is it? A leopard!

Muppets Global Grover:
Grover returns from Bangladesh with a fruit basket of "art supplies." In his film, Nishta and her classmates take an art class and learn to make art with fruit and leaves. Afterward, Grover tries to enlist a penguin's help in making a painting, and ends up imprinting himself on the page!
Cartoon The story of Tommy LaPlaid, the painter so sad until he discovered the joys of kicking his paints on the canvas.
Artist: Mo Willems
(First: Episode 3208)

Film The Number of the Day: A remake of the Number Song Series brings forth 2.
(First: Episode 4090)
In the HBO version, the intro song was cut.
Film Egyptian 2
(First: Episode 3291)
Film Song: "2, 2, 2, Me and You"
(First: Episode 3690)
Muppets Elmo's World: School
(First: Episode 4093)
Insert The Adventures of Trash Gordon
Chapter 692
On the Planet Double-Trouble, Trash Gordon comes face to face with his double.
(First: Episode 4106)


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