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Sesame Street
Elmo and Alan play school
Air date August 28, 2006
Season Season 37 (2006)
Written by Joey Mazzarino
Sponsors L, 11
Releases Ready for School!
YouTube (YouTube), HBO Max


Picture Segment Description

SCENE Elmo prepares to play school. Alan comes by, and Elmo asks him if he's willing to play the role of teacher. He agrees even though he's busy working at Hooper's Store at the moment.
SCENE, cont'd Elmo reminds Alan of his school-related tasks, such as greeting the class and taking attendance. Afterward, he returns to Hooper's to serve a customer.
SCENE, cont'd A Pumpkin Anything Muppet customer (Joey Mazzarino) at Hooper's asks for a tuna salad sandwich. He changes his mind and asks for an egg salad sandwich. After changing his mind again several times over, Elmo calls over Alan's attention from outside.

SCENE, cont'd When Alan returns he finds that Old MacDonald has arrived, asking for his kid to be signed up for the school. His kid turns out to be a young goat, and "Mr. Alan" reads Tickle the Goat to his two students. At the sound of another bell from a customer, Alan leaves the two to draw and returns to the store.
SCENE, cont'd In Hooper's Store another customer has arrived, while the earlier customer is still debating the merits of tuna and egg. The new customer orders a tuna salad sandwich. At that moment, the first customer decides upon tuna salad as well...but the last tuna sandwich has been served to the other customer. The two reconsider and debate their choices, and still haven't yet decided when Elmo calls Alan back.
SCENE, cont'd Alan returns and finds that two children named Britney and Reuben have joined his school. Elmo reminds Alan to teach the alphabet, and they sing the Alphabet Song.

SCENE, cont'd At the sound of a bleat from the Celebratory Bugle, Alan dashes back to Hooper's. With a little help from Alan, the customers arrive at a solution, and they cut and share their sandwiches with each other. Unfortunately, a new conundrum of indecision arrives when the two cannot decide on accompanying their meal with milk or juice.
SCENE, cont'd Returning to his pretend school, Alan discovers that an elephant from Staten Island has arrived with the understanding that the school had a fantastic rhyming program. Although taken off-guard, Alan explains what a rhyme is, and they rhyme words together. With help from "Mr. Alan" the elephant learns, and jumps up and down in excitement.

SCENE, cont'd At the sound of an even louder bugle call, Alan returns to his store. The customers decide that they want neither milk nor juice; rather, they want to go to Alan's school. After they scoot out the door, Elmo approaches Alan at the window, noting that he is finished drawing his picture. Elmo thanks him for the "best day in school ever," and gives him the picture.

SCENE, cont'd After hearing a car horn, Alan steps over to the other window. A character (Martin P. Robinson) approaches him, claiming to be the new bus driver for his school. Alan can scarcely catch his breath before a line of kids walk into Hooper's Store, each one greeting Mr. Alan. The driver congratulates Alan for being "up for" Teacher of the Year, and leaves.
cut from the DVD version

Song "At School," with animation bookended by live-action footage.
(First: Episode 2782)
Muppets / Celebrity Angel Corella dances the Ballet Alphabet, while Telly, Zoe and Elmo (in voiceover) announce each letter. (edited)
(First: Episode 3785)
Muppets The Letter of the Day: L
Cookie Monster thinks that singing can stop him from eating the Letter L Cookie.
(First: Episode 3981)
Film The letter L dances at the beach.
(First: Episode 3573)
Muppets The All Monster and a Guy Named Murray Chorus sing a silly song full of the Sound of the Letter L, led by Murray.
Cartoon Healthy Food Cartoon: Peas
(First: Episode 4091)
Muppets Baby Fats Domino sings "Shake Your Rattle and Roll," encouraging babies to exercise.
(First: Episode 3352)
Film A narrator explains the roles of muscles and bones.
(First: Episode 4088)
Muppets Ernie and Bert:
Ernie sings "I Love My Room" to explain all the things he can do in his room. Unfortunately, it's also Bert's room.
(First: Episode 3950)
Cartoon "This is the Game Today"
Film Dance with me!
Muppets Global Grover
Grover has returned from a trip around the world and resolves to ride his camel Sidney to school. Grover cannot get on his camel (thwarting that possibility), but Sidney reminds him that there are other ways to get to school. This leads into the clip below.
(First: Episode 4047)
Song "There's a Lot of Different Ways to Get to School" (sung by Jerry Nelson)
(First: Episode 2751)
Muppets Global Grover (cont'd)
Sidney doesn't want to be late for school, so he decides to ride Grover!
(First: Episode 4047)
Insert The Number of the Day: 11
The Count counts as Kale hops eleven times on one foot.
Cartoon Suzie Kabloozie: Judge #11
(First: Episode 3946)
Cartoon Rubber Stamp #11
(First: Episode 2885)
Muppets Elmo's World: Doctors
Insert The Adventures of Trash Gordon
Chapter 453
On the Planet Very Hairy, Trash brushes and combs the hair of the planet's residents.
(First: Episode 4068)

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