Sesame Street
Lucy the Lazy Lizard
Air date August 16, 2007
Season Season 38
Written by Judy Freudberg
Sponsors L, 14
Releases Online Streaming


Picture Segment Description
COLD OPEN What's the Word on the Street?: Murray Monster introduces the word lazy.


SCENE 1 The scene opens with Maria testing a toaster. She welcomes the viewers after a piece of toast flies in her face. Elmo stops by, and asks Maria to read him a story. Maria points out that she's already read that book to him ten times. Elmo replies, "Let's make it eleven!" Maria finally agrees to read Elmo his book, Lucy the Lazy Lizard - a book with a lot of L words in it.

SCENE 1, cont'd After Maria finishes reading to Elmo, he wants to read the story to Telly Monster. So he goes and looks for Telly, only to find him playing with his train set, taking his triangles to Toronto. Telly is too busy playing with the train to have Elmo read to him, even though Elmo says it's the greatest story in the world.


SCENE 1, cont'd Elmo almost gives up, when he hears Telly trying to decide where to take his triangles next. Elmo suggests Lackawana (where Lucy the Lazy Lizard lives in the story). Telly thinks it's a great name and calls out, "All aboard triangles going to Lackawana!" And as Telly starts moving the train, Elmo warns him that the train is going to hit Lucy the Lazy Lizard lying on a log in the middle of the train track (according to the story). Telly becomes frightened, but Elmo reassures him that Lucy is the strongest lizard in Lackawana, so as the train goes over the tracks, Lucy will lift the tracks, so the train will go right over her head. Telly whistles (with a whistle) for joy knowing that Lucy is safe. He asks Elmo where he got such an amazing train story. Elmo shows him the book, and Telly is now all ears. But Elmo doesn't need the book - he knows the story by heart.
Animation "Animal Books"
Artist: Steve Segal
(First: Episode 3396)
Celebrity Richard Belzer tries to explain the word lazy, but he's too lazy to do it.
Song "Around and Around"
(First: Episode 2753)
Cartoon Letter L animals' limerick
(First: Episode 3740)
Muppets The All Monster and a Guy Named Murray Chorus sing a silly song full of the Sound of the Letter L, led by Murray.
(First: Episode 4116)
Film Jane Tuesday: The Letter L
(First: Episode 4068)
Muppets Ernie & BertErnie invites Bert to play ball, but Bert prefers to read instead. He sings "In My Book", and soon finds himself clustered around by Ernie and all the characters referenced in his song.
(First: Episode 4075)
Film Wegman dogs play "Jack Sprat"
(First: Episode 3522)



Muppets Game Show: Meal or No Meal, hosted by Howie Eatswell
Howie tells contestant Sadie Schwartzbaum that she must choose which dish (out of five) she thinks must have a healthy, delicious meal under the lid. She chooses dish #3, but since this game is won by process of elimination, she has to choose another dish to be revealed. She picks #4, which turns out to be a pack of chewing gum (not a meal). Suddenly, Howie receives a phone call from the baker (silhouetted behind a paper wall), who is offering Sadie a cookie. She turns down the offer, since a cookie is not a meal. She then picks dish #1, which is an ice cream sundae (again, not a meal). The "mystery" baker calls again, and offers Sadie five cookies. She finds this offer hard to turn down, but does so anyway. Sadie picks dish #5, which is a candy bar (still not a meal). Then the baker offers a dozen cookies to Sadie. She turns down the offer yet again, because cookies would spoil her appetite. Now that they're down to two dishes, Howie reveals to the crowd what's under dish #3 (the dish Sadie chose first): a peanut butter sandwich, carrot sticks, an apple and a glass of milk, all of which count as a meal! Then Howie asks to see what's on dish #2, which turns out to be 100 cookies. "Who could eat 100 cookies?" Sadie wonders. The baker can resist no longer, bursts through the screen, eats all the cookies, and steals the button and Howie's cellphone, while Sadie enjoys her meal. Howie cries, "I had a successful run!!"
Song Carrot song
(First: Episode 4086)
Muppets The Number of the Day: 14
The number 14 emerges from a cannon after the Count learns that it is the number of the day.
(First: Episode 3988)
Song "OK, We Got a Hip-Hop Beat" - #14
Cartoon Traction Jackson makes 14 baskets.
(First: Episode 4070)
Muppets Kingston Livingston III sings "Just Happy to Be Me."
(First: Episode 3178)
Film Laurel talks about her love of dancing, Jonathan talks about singing, Samantha talks about drawing. and Nick talks about acting.
(First: Episode 3962)
Muppets Professor Grover calls the kids into his courtyard classroom, to learn the Spanish word escuela. He says that the word means where they are now, a "fish bowl", to which kids reply "no!", and reply that it means "school". After class is dismissed, a yellow and orange fish swims up to Grover, asking if he was late for escuela. Grover shrugs, as the two look towards the camera, commenting, "Well, fish do swim in schools."
(First: Episode 4053)
cut from the online version
Song A boy gets ready for school as a song plays: "Get Up" (to the tune of Outkast's "Hey Ya").
(First: Episode 4110)
Muppets Elmo's World: School
(First: Episode 4093)
SCENE 2 Abby Cadabby struggles to announce the sponsors, and depends on the viewer for help.


Picture Segment Description
Muppets Telly notices that the book Zoe reads is old-looking and worn. He learns that it's damaged because Zoe loves it so much, regardless of how damaged it is.
(First: Episode 3912)
This segment replaces the "Escuela" sketch in the online releases.


  • A red toaster that Maria was going to work on belongs to Matt Vogel.

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