Air Date Unaired in primetime, debuted in syndication
Written by David A. Caplan and Brian LaPan
Director Mark Brull

Georgie the hippo.

Baby Sinclair is mesmerized by the latest annoying children's idol, Georgie, an orange hippo. When Georgie comes to town, Baby demands to see him but Earl won't wait in the long line. Baby throws a tantrum, and in desperation, Earl dons a costume and imitates Georgie to stop the Baby's cries. Unfortunately, Earl is arrested for copyright infringement by Georgie's people and is thrown in jail. Earl escapes with the help of Jean-Claude and Brigitte, members of the Parents' Resistance who see Georgie for what he truly is: a money-grabbing, tax evading slimeball. Earl ultimately exposes him. When Roy finds himself on camera, he unexpectedly delights the kids with a rendition of "Brick House".

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  • The Georgie Show
  • DNN

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